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longer form rants&musings

my radiolullaby

subtransience is a cyberpunk/biopunk web series I'll be working on soon


lilliphilia 🎶 695 days ago

A “king of silence” by cibo matto kinda vibe

lilliphilia 😴 697 days ago

it’s only 2 in the afternoon and I can’t tell if I’m sleepy or just lethally bored…

lilliphilia 😯 700 days ago

just discovered Audrey in the Moulin Rouge film is David Wenham, lol. Awesome. ^.^

lilliphilia 🥺 700 days ago

the whole thing is summed up by this emoji. possibly always...

lilliphilia 🐱 701 days ago

smol cat stole my seat to be closer to the sun and is now purring loudly & trilling behind me…

lilliphilia 🍺 704 days ago

Might go a nice alcoholic ginger beer when I get home. A few more $ &a bit further down the road with my writing & I would’ve quit today

lilliphilia 🥺 705 days ago

watching walkaround videos of my old wandering grounds is gently dissecting my heart.

lilliphilia ✏️ 705 days ago

updated the launch date for an online writing project. it's now 9-10-22 (from 9-10-21 & previously 9-10-20). deadlines == whoosh amirite?

lilliphilia 🎶 706 days ago

eying off a multi-fx unit on eBay that I've coveted since my days @ audio school. think I'll make an offer...

lilliphilia 😎 706 days ago

my "DNI" guide's more subjective than most. I don't mind what age/colour/gender/nationality you are/aren't, just avoid being a douche/boring

lilliphilia 😛 707 days ago

well, now i've gone&done it. introduced myself in the forum. i guess that means i'm sticking around for a while

lilliphilia 🙂 707 days ago

venturing into gopherspace. something about reading onscreen plaintxt that originates from another mind is more like connection...

lilliphilia 🥺 709 days ago

Now @ the point where I need some kind of 5D mind mapping tool to keep track of how this web series I'm (not)writing works /sigh

lilliphilia ✨ 710 days ago

@supergrizzlybear yes!!! &it’s so underrated today. I was lucky enough to see it in the cinema in 4K too. Now *that* was an experience ⚡️

lilliphilia 🎁 711 days ago

it’s 2022 and i guess i’m about to buy a bluray player to watch the 4K copy of Akira that just arrived in the post today.

lilliphilia 😶 712 days ago

grateful for edit&delete buttons while i figure out what kind of place/face i want this to be. +, so much silence has made it hard to speak

lilliphilia 🥰 713 days ago

@evenstar (there's an edit button!) thank you for the greeting. I think I might like it here x

lilliphilia 🔥 714 days ago

i wonder how many times i can come back from the dead xox

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