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Vegan, introvert, geek. Loves mechanical keyboards, video games, and coffee.


supergrizzlybear 📺 663 days ago

Playing Tales of Arise. This game is gorgeous.

supergrizzlybear 🥰 676 days ago

Planted all new flowering shrubs in my front garden, I hope the bees will like them

supergrizzlybear 🙂 711 days ago

@liliphilia sick! Akira is like one of the most amazing things ever. I am well jel of you experiencing it in glorious 4K

supergrizzlybear 📖 713 days ago

Building IKEA furniature while my brothers cats help

supergrizzlybear 🚄 730 days ago

Standing shoulder to shoulder on a packed train, hardly anyone wearing masks, going back to the office is great /s

supergrizzlybear 📺 735 days ago

Watching a cartoon called Clarence, has really lifted my mood

supergrizzlybear 📺 740 days ago

Playing Heroes of Hammerwatch 🗡️🛡️

supergrizzlybear ☕ 751 days ago

Hope today goes better then yesterday. Have a good one

supergrizzlybear ☕ 753 days ago

Feeling like everything has got on top me again. Time for another coffee.

supergrizzlybear ⛵ 754 days ago

Having a lovely walk along the beach with the dog

supergrizzlybear 🚄 759 days ago

Travelling to the office. From today I'm back in 2 days a week.

supergrizzlybear 🍺 763 days ago

Having a can of Guinness and started playing Hollow Night

supergrizzlybear 😱 765 days ago

Stubbed my toe so hard today, I think it might be broken

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