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hi lol

i'm an 18 year old software engineer from Florida


sanelkukic 🍕 758 days ago

pizza is absolutely amazing

sanelkukic 🔥 762 days ago

gotta stay hydrated

sanelkukic 💾 784 days ago

made a few updates to my website

sanelkukic 🍕 798 days ago

eating pizza rn lol

sanelkukic ✨ 815 days ago

finally pushed some commits to my website's repository after a short hiatus lol

sanelkukic ❄️ 833 days ago

crazy cold outside right now lol

sanelkukic 🍿 837 days ago

apple event in 5 minutes

sanelkukic 👀 839 days ago

i saw a building get demolished today, pretty cool

sanelkukic 😴 841 days ago

man today was a long day, can't wait to go to sleep

sanelkukic 💾 843 days ago

might start a new city in cities skylines

sanelkukic 🐱 844 days ago

i made a website to showcase randomly selected pictures of my two pet cats lol

sanelkukic ❄️ 845 days ago

today was a lot colder outside than the past few days, which i liked

sanelkukic 🐱 847 days ago

my pet cat is taking a nap right now

sanelkukic 🌙 849 days ago

about to watch some late-night youtube and then head to sleep lol

sanelkukic 🔥 849 days ago

why is it so hot outside hhhhhhhhhhhhhh