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gave up trying to care a long time ago :: probably going to steal your very very original website idea :: trans women are women, end of story


evenstar 😢 274 days ago

Close the world. .desolc ti peeK

evenstar πŸ˜‚ 275 days ago

Neocities pulled a Geocities on me and a whole bunch of my files are missing...I am so annoyed and yet so utterly nostalgic at the moment

evenstar πŸ’» 278 days ago

let's all love Lain.

evenstar ❀️ 284 days ago

There are very good, very kind people in the world, and I wish I could give them the world. β™₯

evenstar 😢 285 days ago

"girls all think she's living kindness. but ask a fellow waitress."

evenstar 😢 286 days ago

I can't do this anymore.

evenstar πŸ€” 288 days ago

having a little trouble with wings/hoshi/dreamer, though I'm not sure why...let me know if anything is inaccessible.

evenstar 😑 291 days ago

things on notice: rain, tin roofs, debt, Scott Morrison, and the fact that I do not live within walking distance of a decent cafΓ©.

evenstar πŸ₯Ί 291 days ago

I know it's vulgar to complain about thissort of thing, but god I wish I could get out of debt

evenstar 😢 295 days ago

I think it's time to go; I just have to find the courage

evenstar 😢 296 days ago

the cost of living is probably very literally going to be the end of me; as soon as I fix one thing another pops up. I'm just so tired man

evenstar 😢 302 days ago

you ever feel like you're just...like...kinda invisible or not real? it's such a weird feeling. like, do I matter at all? does my existence?

evenstar πŸ₯Ί 310 days ago

anxiety out of control completely. going on hiatus for a little while to try and heal.

evenstar πŸ˜‚ 310 days ago

"Artfight is not throwing pens at people you don't like, Alex!"

evenstar 😑 311 days ago

seriously the statuscafe frontpage needs to be made idiotic-post-proof already, jfc, this is getting annoying

evenstar πŸ’€ 314 days ago

I feel like someone is hammering a nail into my skull via my left nostril. if you're wincing right now...mission accomplished. MIGRAINES! :D

evenstar πŸ€’ 318 days ago

upcoming clash: the Kirryn vs a(nother) migraine. taking all bets now! (also taking some painkillers.)

evenstar 😢 319 days ago


evenstar πŸ₯Ί 321 days ago

you know when you have such a bad brain day that your physical head feels like it's heavy? ...yeah, that.

evenstar πŸ’€ 323 days ago

am I the only person who looks at button walls and feels their eyes just...unfocus? another "all surface no feeling" oldweb thing, guess.

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