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a ragged snarling fox trying desperately to be a graceful butterfly {and failing} || refugee from everywhere || horribly disillusioned dreamer || maybe just plain horrible, actually... || fediverse!

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evenstar 🤒 3 days ago

why are migraines even a thing...what's the evolutionary point of them...;_;

evenstar 🥺 4 days ago

I cannot be the only person in chronic pain whose life was infinitely complicated by the supposed "crackdown" on OTC mild opiates/opioids.

evenstar 😭 9 days ago

it really needs to stop raining D: everything remotely paperesque in my house is curling!

evenstar 💀 9 days ago

woke up from a My Little Pony dream. there's no hope left for me, nor can I pretend to be cool anymore. sigh.

evenstar 😱 11 days ago

god please someone make it stop raining, this is ridiculous D:

evenstar 😡 11 days ago

modem's dead. or moribund, at least.

evenstar 🤔 11 days ago

hm. low moods = no updating this place. how odd...

evenstar 🥰 16 days ago

working on a handmade Mother's Day card for my Mum!

evenstar 😴 17 days ago

in the words of that one Oho Jee in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga...I tired...

evenstar 🔥 18 days ago

why do I have the bloody aircon on in bloody MAY T___T

evenstar ✨ 19 days ago

still dreaming of San Junipero...

evenstar 😶 20 days ago

"hahah, like the FF7 House?" "yeah, haha...ha...kinda...exactly like it..." "...oh my god."

evenstar 🥺 21 days ago

social.yesterweb appears to be down...again. :/ I want to stay in the community, but the downtime is driving me mad...

evenstar 😶 22 days ago

thing no one tells you about trauma survival: some days are just going to be memories replaying themselves over and over.

evenstar 🤐 23 days ago

"maybe i'll go get eaten by a shark on fire with laser eyes or whatever."

evenstar 🥺 23 days ago

I miss eight hour AIM marathons and injokes and tummy flutters when journals were updated...

evenstar 👽 24 days ago

furiously Googling "how to survive intensified hell for six months+"

evenstar 😶 24 days ago

damn. forgot this was a thing. who's surprised, honestly.

evenstar ❤️ 30 days ago

almost everything moved and safe <3

evenstar 💾 33 days ago

coding coding coding away~ got the worst of the data entry out of the way, thank goodness!

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