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gave up trying to care a long time ago :: probably going to steal your very very original website idea :: trans women are women, end of story


evenstar 😶 3 hours ago

"your lips move, but I can't hear what you're saying..."

evenstar 🙂 2 days ago

if a marginalised person tells you something is hurtful, maybe you should shut up and listen to them ♥

evenstar 🙂 4 days ago

maybe I should block every site on the NC front page, lmao

evenstar 👽 5 days ago

it takes zero muscles to call someone a dumbfuck instead of telling them to kill themselves if they piss you off just saying

evenstar 🙃 12 days ago

if your site autoplays music you are a complete dumbfuck

evenstar 😶 34 days ago

going to avoid any "women only!" webrings/cliques or whatever unless they explicitly state by "women" they mean **ALL** women from now on.

evenstar 🌙 36 days ago

feeling really torn on how "witchcraft" is seen mainly as an aesthetic instead of a sincerely held set of beliefs lately...

evenstar 😶 38 days ago

I am too old and too tired to play online telephone.

evenstar 😡 45 days ago

figures that TAFL would wake up out of their coma the very minute I move hosts and am dealing with the inevitable moving-related errors 🙃

evenstar 🙃 46 days ago

if I had a dollar for every time I thought "why am I LIKE THIS" I could probably pay off all my HECS debt (student loans, I mean)

evenstar 😭 47 days ago

where oh where is my sodding inspiration/motivation?

evenstar 😡 49 days ago

I'm still too pissed to reply. also god I hate Saturdays.

evenstar 👽 50 days ago

can someone do something about the homepage breaking when someone falls asleep on a key already?

evenstar 😡 50 days ago

thiiiiiiiiiis close to just...deleting every site I've ever made and becoming a goddamn hermit in the Antarctic or something

evenstar 😡 50 days ago

oh my god this whole situation is absolutely ridiculous.

evenstar 🐶 53 days ago

Stardew Valley: a minor addiction that is saving me from code-related exhaustion

evenstar 💀 54 days ago

staring blearily at the lines and lines of replacement coding to be done; moving servers is such fun!

evenstar 🥺 59 days ago

who died and made [REDACTED] the goddamn overlords of the anime-related internets anyways

evenstar 😡 59 days ago

the internet was a bad idea, make it stop

evenstar 🤔 59 days ago

tfw you spend more time installing mods than playing the actual game...

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