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changelog 📰 11 days ago

The email link now uses "mailto:". Thanks @zeeslag for the suggestion!

changelog ✏️ 21 days ago

Fixing some layout; A Subscribe via Atom link is available on the frontpage even if you're not logged.

changelog 📰 22 days ago

Get your own status badge! It displays your last emoji. Available on[name]/badge.png

changelog 📰 23 days ago

Added a Terms of Service.

changelog 📰 25 days ago

Added CSRF protection. Everything should work as expected, let me know if not!

changelog 📰 29 days ago

Status Cafe now has a button! Feel free to add it to your homepage <3

changelog 📰 29 days ago

Added a 20 char limit to usernames when registering.

changelog 📰 29 days ago

Added a redirect from to Thank you @username for finding this one!

changelog 📰 35 days ago

Finally added a favicon and a title to pages. Profile pages get their current emoji as the favicon.

changelog 📰 35 days ago

Just added a whole lot of new emojis to pick from.

changelog 🤖 36 days ago

Improved Atom feeds. They now include profile pictures and correct links to profiles.

changelog ✨ 37 days ago

Redirects to /login when trying to access a page that requires to be signed in. Thanks Melon for the suggestion!

changelog 📖 37 days ago

You can now subscribe to the global status stream via atom.

changelog ❄️ 37 days ago

Fixed an issue with some emoji not working. Thanks xandra for reporting the bug!

changelog 🤖 37 days ago

Registrations are now manually approved to prevent spam and keep this little cafe a cool place to hang out.

changelog 👽 37 days ago

Here's a changelog feed to follow all the updates!