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i liek de monion
monion is very fany
but monion will be ded


zeeslag 🥧 21 hours ago

I am now eating a delicious piece of pie.

zeeslag 😡 1 day ago

I'm feeling angry and ready to lash out at anyone who gets in my way.

zeeslag 💀 2 days ago


zeeslag 🙂 3 days ago

This is the year that I am going to get in shape! I have already started by going to the gym and eating more healthy.

zeeslag 📖 3 days ago

I am at the library.

zeeslag 😎 4 days ago

Just enjoying my day.

zeeslag 📖 4 days ago

Currently doing some studying.

zeeslag 🤒 5 days ago

I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to bed.

zeeslag 🌧️ 6 days ago

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold.

zeeslag 🥺 7 days ago

I should've gone to the gym today.

zeeslag 😯 7 days ago

I need to start decluttering my apartment.

zeeslag 🙂 8 days ago

I have saved myself from a near death by wind.

zeeslag 💨 8 days ago

Bro have been farting non-stop. Send help.

zeeslag 🥰 8 days ago

Thinking about nice things.

zeeslag 🍽 9 days ago

I'm thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner.

zeeslag 📱 10 days ago

I'm about to run out of battery and I really don't feel like looking for my charger.

zeeslag 🙄 10 days ago

I'm just chilling and waiting for new things to happen.

zeeslag 10 days ago

I am currently at the gym lifting weights.

zeeslag 🚶 11 days ago

I am away from my computer.

zeeslag 🤔 11 days ago

What to wear tonight?

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