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i liek de monion
monion is very fany
but monion will be ded


zeeslag 🙂 59 days ago

Finished watching breaking bad.

zeeslag 😶 106 days ago

No idea wth I am doing with my life...

zeeslag 📺 119 days ago

Watching Breaking Bad for the first time.

zeeslag 🤒 138 days ago

I have a headache.

zeeslag 📺 145 days ago

Gonna watch some shows

zeeslag 🥳 149 days ago

Walked 50 miles

zeeslag 😎 152 days ago

Going to the new minions movie, in suit.

zeeslag 😶 161 days ago

stuck in an exhaustion funnel

zeeslag 166 days ago

Going for a walk

zeeslag 🗻 167 days ago

Went bouldering again

zeeslag 🍴 169 days ago

Organizing a diner with friends.

zeeslag 📖 170 days ago

Reading short story's.

zeeslag 🍺 171 days ago

brain fart

zeeslag 😎 172 days ago

Time to go outside.

zeeslag 😎 173 days ago

Went bouldering

zeeslag 🎶 175 days ago

Friend of mine made a cool phonk track.

zeeslag 🍦 177 days ago

Eating some ice cream

zeeslag 😭 177 days ago

Girl I like does not like me back

zeeslag 💡 179 days ago

Haven't really been thinking lately.

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