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i liek de monion
monion is very fany
but monion will be ded


zeeslag 👀 363 days ago

Reading blogs.

zeeslag 🥳 366 days ago

Went outside today.

zeeslag 🖨 369 days ago

I hate le printer.

zeeslag 😎 371 days ago

its morbin time

zeeslag 😭 372 days ago

ned help

zeeslag 😡 373 days ago

AAAAH the printer wont work!!!!

zeeslag 📄 374 days ago

Going to buy some photopaper.

zeeslag ☕ 376 days ago

Drinking Club-Mate

zeeslag 🚄 377 days ago

Back from Berlin. DB is ass in giving information. Using google translate over the speakers.

zeeslag 🎶 381 days ago

Listening to some good working music.

zeeslag 🤔 384 days ago

Preparing to go to berlin next week.

zeeslag 😒 386 days ago

Spending so much time on things that shouldn't take much at all. Wasting my time.

zeeslag 🙁 387 days ago

Feeling down.

zeeslag 🥰 388 days ago

Happy mothers day everyone!

zeeslag 🚄 390 days ago

Going to spend my weekend in Belgium.

zeeslag 💹 392 days ago

I bought too many lenses. Now I have to sell them again.

zeeslag ✏️ 393 days ago

Doing some work today.

zeeslag ☕ 394 days ago

Coffee makes me poo.

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