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username 12 days ago

Over 400 statuses have been posted!

username 🥳 15 days ago

Happy new year! I just hope it won't be like last time...

username 💡 16 days ago

Suggestion: When mentioning a user, for example @username, the mention should link to the user's profile

username 👀 19 days ago

How did you discover Status Cafe?

username 💀 30 days ago, I'm afraid it doesn't work for some users (notice that it's only "http"?)

username 36 days ago

To do that, copy the character from and put it into the "face" field

username ‮ 36 days ago

Testing this awesome character!

username 37 days ago

This status knows it has an ID of 172!

username 💡 42 days ago

Why not have the "status widget" have a link to the user's profile?

username 💡 43 days ago

Suggestion: ability to "react" to statuses with an emoji

username 🥰 46 days ago

Great website!