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Indie game developer, dork.


zusk 🎮 2 days ago

The Zusk has completed GRIM DAWN's MQ for the first time... It was extremely easy in comparison to TQ?

zusk 🍔 7 days ago

Added a burger page to my site

zusk 📚 8 days ago

Just finished Master's of Doom. Trying out DAIKATANA's linux source port now, since I felt really sorry for John Romero...

zusk 🤖 9 days ago

My code is a NIGHTMARE AAA Really need to wrangle this before I can do more Argonaut stuff...

zusk 💾 11 days ago

Managed to get Gitkraken working on Linux Mint! Bit of a move for me to move from Github desktop to it. Excited for continued Argonaut dev!

zusk 🥳 16 days ago

Going to try out TURTLE WOW tonight, if I can get it working on linux..

zusk 🤔 27 days ago

Whats the deal with Antman 3's dislike? I thought it was fine!

zusk 😭 29 days ago

Still dealing with grief and Uni stuff.. Got some big plans for the site though in a few months! Plotting a little movies review section...

zusk 💔 54 days ago

Lost my best friend, Rosencrat, on the 13th of January. 1992-2023. Rest in Peace.

zusk 🙂 99 days ago

Went in for a CT scan today. Didn't show anything too negative! Hoping to recover soon.

zusk 🥳 114 days ago

Happy 30th Anniversary to Star Control 2!

zusk 🌧️ 118 days ago

Really sick, but getting through it!

zusk 🎮 173 days ago

Just beat Chrono Trigger for the first time! Ayla is best girl.

zusk 🥰 180 days ago

New Action Button review is great!

zusk 🥰 184 days ago

New Harley is SO GOOD. Its criminal how amazing the Harley Quinn HBO show is.

zusk 🎮 192 days ago

Been playing lots of Cyberpunk 2077 recently, much better then I thought! It feels great to play on Steam Deck.

zusk 🙃 198 days ago

My most recent job application process didn't go through. It's fine! I think it wasn't for me anyway ( Was a big social media job.. )

zusk 🥰 203 days ago

Feel so happy.

zusk 🎮 203 days ago

Made a little Unity game as a day project: "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine METEOR BLASTERS". Play it on my site!

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