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Indie game developer, dork.


zusk 🌧️ 13 hours ago

Really sick, but getting through it!

zusk 🎮 55 days ago

Just beat Chrono Trigger for the first time! Ayla is best girl.

zusk 🥰 62 days ago

New Action Button review is great!

zusk 🥰 66 days ago

New Harley is SO GOOD. Its criminal how amazing the Harley Quinn HBO show is.

zusk 🎮 74 days ago

Been playing lots of Cyberpunk 2077 recently, much better then I thought! It feels great to play on Steam Deck.

zusk 🙃 79 days ago

My most recent job application process didn't go through. It's fine! I think it wasn't for me anyway ( Was a big social media job.. )

zusk 🥰 84 days ago

Feel so happy.

zusk 🎮 85 days ago

Made a little Unity game as a day project: "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine METEOR BLASTERS". Play it on my site!

zusk 🎮 87 days ago

Added a little Duelists of the Roses fan page to my site!

zusk 🎮 87 days ago

Devil Crush is soo good, I miss pinball games

zusk 😇 90 days ago

Going in for a job interview on the 31st!

zusk 🐱 99 days ago

My CIT 124 professor is such a goofball.

zusk ❤️ 103 days ago

Doing great! Classes going well, life's good...

zusk 😭 137 days ago

More sociology finished, exam in 2 days is going to be tough..

zusk 👀 144 days ago

Watching Stranger Things! Enjoying it so far.

zusk ✏️ 153 days ago

Did really good on my sociology essay!

zusk ✏️ 158 days ago

Got a writing assignment done!

zusk 🥳 159 days ago

Enjoying the new Anbennar update!

zusk 😭 160 days ago

Today at the dinner table; *My 80 Year Old Grandma: "What are Fuzzies?"* She meant furries.

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