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zusk 👀 20 hours ago

Watching Stranger Things! Enjoying it so far.

zusk ✏️ 10 days ago

Did really good on my sociology essay!

zusk ✏️ 15 days ago

Got a writing assignment done!

zusk 🥳 16 days ago

Enjoying the new Anbennar update!

zusk 😭 16 days ago

Today at the dinner table; *My 80 Year Old Grandma: "What are Fuzzies?"* She meant furries.

zusk 🍱 17 days ago

Heading out to Gram's today - chicken's going to be nice..

zusk 🌧️ 19 days ago

Raaain. So comfy..

zusk ✅ 19 days ago

Got a 82 on my sociology exam. Some of the questions were particularly mean though..

zusk ✏️ 19 days ago

Going to "try" to get some college work done today. Worried about Sociology, but I am hopeful

zusk 🤐 19 days ago

Playing Apex Legends is so weird in comparison to other BR's. It feels a lot like CSGO? Haven't played a modern FPS like this in years.

zusk 🍕 20 days ago

Pizza, dnd, and apex legends...

zusk 😴 20 days ago

Really need to fix my sleep schedule, woke up too early again...

zusk 🥰 21 days ago

So happy to be joining this new community!