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He/It. Go look at my website, NOW.


zenzizenzizenzic 😭 41 days ago

There needs to be more media where POC just cut the crap and beat the fuck out of racists

zenzizenzizenzic 😭 54 days ago

Sites where a little guy chases your cursor freak me out. Get the FUCK away from me.

zenzizenzizenzic ❤️ 63 days ago

Just got caught up to season 3 of the mandalorian. Din is still hot as fuck only reason I watch that show

zenzizenzizenzic 🤩 79 days ago

Just booked an appointment to get some boy jouice. So fuckin excited

zenzizenzizenzic 😴 89 days ago

Just had to watch a full Jordan Peterson video for a class, he really does just sound like a worse kermit the frog

zenzizenzizenzic 🤖 105 days ago

Coding with CSS on toyhou.se feels like fighting a horrid beast

zenzizenzizenzic 🌈 116 days ago

Just put up a trans flag in my room, let's see how long my parents ignore it.

zenzizenzizenzic 😭 117 days ago

Only got to play during the splatfest for a couple of hours ... :((

zenzizenzizenzic 😭 141 days ago

Just finished ffxiv shadowbringers ... AUUUGHAAAAAHAAAAUAUAUAUAU

zenzizenzizenzic 🙃 144 days ago

I love my ocs. Would love to actually draw them someday.

zenzizenzizenzic 😶 160 days ago

Had a dream last night where I was dating AVGN........Happy new year

zenzizenzizenzic 😭 187 days ago

No one ever talks about the trans experience of having to puzzle out whether or not someone means your legal or actual gender on forms

zenzizenzizenzic 👀 202 days ago

Physically restraining myself from buying pokemon violet right this second

zenzizenzizenzic 🤒 213 days ago

The picture frame hanging over my bed fucking fell on my head, in the middle of the night.

zenzizenzizenzic 😭 257 days ago

This splatfest was abysmal, the least amount of fun I've had playing splatoon ever. At least I got to ruler before it ended.

zenzizenzizenzic 🤒 260 days ago

Slime Rancher 2 runs abysmally slow on my puter even on the lowest settings. Gonna have to wade through my brother's rancid PC to play it :(

zenzizenzizenzic 🤩 274 days ago

There is no easter bunny, there is no tooth fairy, and there is NO QUEEN OF ENGLAND LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!

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