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He/It. Go look at my website, NOW.


zenzizenzizenzic 🤩 386 days ago

There is no easter bunny, there is no tooth fairy, and there is NO QUEEN OF ENGLAND LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!

zenzizenzizenzic 🤔 387 days ago

Wtf do you mean taking showers and eating healthy makes me feel better, I'm gonna kill you.

zenzizenzizenzic 😡 389 days ago

My laptop is out of power, the charger broke, and the new one I ordered is taking too long!! Fuck!! I wanna work on my site!!!!

zenzizenzizenzic 🌙 392 days ago

I don't think I've ever eaten cereal at a normal time. It's always gotta be at 3 am, when I'm at my lowest point.

zenzizenzizenzic 🤒 395 days ago

I desperately need new headphones, my current ones are giving me fucking headaches.

zenzizenzizenzic 😎 398 days ago

The new special they gave the aerospray in splatoon 3 is so fucking good. I love to run people over in my fucked up shark boat.

zenzizenzizenzic 😭 399 days ago

Why'd my brother have to invite his friends over on my day off!? Please let me veg out in peace!!

zenzizenzizenzic ☕️ 403 days ago

Looking back on the way I used to make coffee like "damn bitch you lived like this?"

zenzizenzizenzic 🥺 404 days ago

Nooo don't start college tomorrow you're so sexy haha

zenzizenzizenzic 💀 407 days ago

Maybe just maybe I'll start working on my "in development" webcomic.

zenzizenzizenzic 😯 408 days ago

Not refrigerating tomatoes is a bad idea actually.

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