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Fellow webmaster and doing-random-stuffer.

Some CSS by will/niceopod/deeptwisty, he seems to be better at it than me...

Icons from Forumoji, Mazeguy Smilies, and Silk. Emoji from your operating system :)


vukky 😛 751 days ago

adding more achievements than content

vukky 🤔 753 days ago

found a book in my local book shop with a "trending on tiktok" sticker

vukky 😡 754 days ago

css is still slightly broken

vukky 🥰 754 days ago

finally figured out the css after 23 hours

vukky 😶 754 days ago

why do weekends disappear so quickly

vukky 🙂 754 days ago

well css isn't quite working but i made the niko face change depending on my mood

vukky 😭 755 days ago

i still really dislike css

vukky 😡 755 days ago

i really dislike css

vukky ☕ 755 days ago

the vukky has arrived

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