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Fellow webmaster and doing-random-stuffer.

Some CSS by will/niceopod/deeptwisty, he seems to be better at it than me...

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vukky 🤔 659 days ago

not sure what to add to the website now

vukky 💾 661 days ago

messed with email. now it should work

vukky 😶 666 days ago

summer break

vukky 🙂 667 days ago

met some old school friends. it was fun but now it is over

vukky 😶 668 days ago

i don't really know what to do in general

vukky 👀 669 days ago

just realized my payment method on Patreon expired

vukky 😴 669 days ago

patreon went down just as i tried to log in

vukky 🍕 669 days ago

ate some tacos. they tasted nice

vukky 😶 671 days ago

summer break coming soon... not sure what to do then

vukky 🤔 676 days ago

happy... 80,000... views... to... me?

vukky 🙂 695 days ago

happy 70,000 views to me!

vukky 📺 695 days ago


vukky 😛 696 days ago is back! also reminded me to not depend on external scripts being online lol

vukky 🥳 703 days ago

oneshot world machine edition hype

vukky 😶 705 days ago

Not much to do right now.

vukky 🥳 708 days ago

happy 60,000 views to me!

vukky 🤔 709 days ago

css sure is weird but i think it's working now? hopefully? maybe?

vukky 😶 709 days ago

not much to doooo

vukky 🙂 710 days ago

just remembered you can use css on

vukky 😶 710 days ago

added some new stuffs to the website, nothing too interesting

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