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ピカ☆☆ンチ life is hardだからhappy


shotaro 🔥 125 days ago

its so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt can the bus just come already

shotaro 🤒 126 days ago

should i study? or should i go thru pinterest o_o

shotaro 😶 126 days ago

class hasn't even started and i aready want to go home

shotaro 🥰 128 days ago

current favorite song: love situation - arashi

shotaro ❤️ 129 days ago

i love sakurai's voice smmmmmm ^_^

shotaro 💤 140 days ago

薔薇の婚礼 ~真夜中に交わした約束~

shotaro 🤔 141 days ago

need new starbucks drinks to try

shotaro 🙂 141 days ago

no hw for colsk.. strange

shotaro 💤 142 days ago

coffee & homework

shotaro 🌧️ 143 days ago


shotaro 🥰 144 days ago

designer by nct 127 might be the best song released this year...

shotaro 💤 145 days ago

even though it's my birthday, why do i feel so sad

shotaro 🔥 155 days ago

it is so hot today T_T 108,,, and im gonna have to take the bus

shotaro 😶 166 days ago

a bit tired today....

shotaro 💡 172 days ago

the sungtaro unit seems to be so close to debut

shotaro 💤 172 days ago

feel a bit sleepy… but today was fun. I hung out with my friends

shotaro 💡 203 days ago

uuwwaaa!! i hope travis japan can make their debut soon :,)

shotaro 💾 227 days ago

finished watching all about lily chou chou!

shotaro 🐶 256 days ago

i need friends T_T

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