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ピカ☆☆ンチ life is hardだからhappy


shotaro 💡 247 days ago

uuwwaaa!! i hope travis japan can make their debut soon :,)

shotaro 💾 271 days ago

finished watching all about lily chou chou!

shotaro 🐶 300 days ago

i need friends T_T

shotaro 🤖 301 days ago

graduated. Feels weird now

shotaro ✨ 313 days ago

prom was really fun

shotaro 🌧️ 315 days ago

coming to an end,,, no more complaining about school

shotaro 🎶 321 days ago

his wicked sense of humor

shotaro 🥳 325 days ago

iced coffee sounds so good right now... but i'll have to wait T_T

shotaro ☕ 330 days ago

it can be very hot and yet i will always crave cofffeeeeee n_n

shotaro 🎶 336 days ago

blood bloodddd

shotaro 🙂 338 days ago

what if i want another cup of coffee... or an arizona will do

shotaro ☕ 338 days ago

coffee today was so good

shotaro 💾 344 days ago


shotaro 😴 345 days ago

why come back into my life only to disappoint me.

shotaro ❄️ 345 days ago

wednesday morning...

shotaro ❄️ 346 days ago

groovy tuesday

shotaro 😴 347 days ago

monday monday

shotaro 😴 347 days ago

monday monday

shotaro ☕ 350 days ago

donuts w coffee only i dont have coffee

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