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ピカ☆☆ンチ life is hardだからhappy


shotaro 🐱 9 days ago

a bit tired but coffee made me feel a bit better

shotaro 😱 23 days ago

oscar wilde reference in my essay title :o

shotaro 🌧️ 26 days ago

the stranger

shotaro 😴 29 days ago

why are ppl so mean

shotaro 🌧️ 30 days ago

me digas que no sientes temor

shotaro 🙃 31 days ago

city 127

shotaro 🤐 42 days ago

no silly little coffee for today

shotaro 💤 42 days ago

i need it to stop

shotaro 🌙 46 days ago

but... still you are a human

shotaro 💤 47 days ago

friday finally

shotaro 😇 48 days ago

drinking my silly little coffee

shotaro 💤 49 days ago

today and yesterday and the day before that were crap. i dont know how longer i can do this lmfao

shotaro 😱 50 days ago

my essay is really bad rip

shotaro 💤 51 days ago

why cant i crush on people normally... why do i always have to obsess over them

shotaro 💤 52 days ago

why am i so sensitive

shotaro 🤒 52 days ago

feel weird ... aughhh i dont want to start my eng intro

shotaro 💤 54 days ago

why make me remember what i want to forget

shotaro 🔥 55 days ago

its so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt can the bus just come already

shotaro 🤒 56 days ago

should i study? or should i go thru pinterest o_o

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