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26 year old lesbo. He/they. Cool as fuck.


milfgod 🌈 5 days ago

Opening commissions next weekend yippee

milfgod 🌈 16 days ago

Beabadoobee put some crack in Sunny Day fr

milfgod 🌈 31 days ago

Working full time sucks ASS

milfgod 🌈 45 days ago

Starting to see the appeal of Frutiger Aero these days

milfgod 🌈 51 days ago

Starting my taxes today (dread)

milfgod 🌈 57 days ago

I got a new job, yippee!

milfgod 🌈 66 days ago

Capitalism has turned me into a Whore

milfgod 🌈 69 days ago

It's such a nice feeling to be ignored by your friends :]

milfgod 🌈 73 days ago

The words "preliminary interview" are insanely unappealing

milfgod 🌈 75 days ago

oh being alive highkey sucks actually.

milfgod 🌈 81 days ago

Is true love even for me...?

milfgod 🌈 83 days ago

My last day as a NEET...starting my new job tomorrow!

milfgod 🌈 86 days ago


milfgod 🌈 90 days ago

Lord I have GOT to improve my writing skills

milfgod 🌈 92 days ago

Working on my shit time management skills

milfgod 🌈 94 days ago

Well that was a load of barnacles. (≖、≖╬)

milfgod 🌈 97 days ago

Redoing my manifesto from scratch (outdated)

milfgod 🌈 98 days ago

Maybe I should update the page doll on my main page hmm... (ᓀ ᓀ)

milfgod 🌈 100 days ago

Finally fucking quit ( = ⩊ = )

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