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25 year old black lesbian. He/they. Please check out my website if you can!!


milfgod 📰 3 hours ago

My visual novelist journey continues...

milfgod 🥰 17 hours ago

Preordered the new Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Ichigo figurine!

milfgod 🤔 1 day ago

Game dev Challenge of the Day: Convincing yourself that you are a competent writer

milfgod 😴 1 day ago

Been playing visual novels all night I didn't realize it was past midnight...

milfgod 🥳 1 day ago

Made a lot of progress on my game today!!

milfgod 😡 3 days ago

Where tf is my rich MILF gf at

milfgod 🌧️ 3 days ago

Storming like crazy outside...time to get cozy

milfgod 😎 4 days ago

It's Pay Day so I'm gonna get myself a little treat.

milfgod 😭 4 days ago

Rise and Grind as they say

milfgod 🤐 5 days ago

Are tiktokers getting into the old web? Is this really a good thing?

milfgod 🔥 6 days ago

On my game dev shit today!

milfgod ❤️ 6 days ago

Been in a really good headspace lately.

milfgod 🌱 7 days ago

I think I'm gonna go to the park today. Spend some time in nature and reflect!

milfgod 📰 8 days ago

Back to job searching

milfgod 🥳 9 days ago

Happy Birthday to me!

milfgod 🥳 9 days ago

Officially earned my Bachelors degree!! :D

milfgod 😱 10 days ago

Turning 25 tomorrow...

milfgod 😡 10 days ago


milfgod 🤐 12 days ago

Now is a better time to unplug than ever...

milfgod 💀 13 days ago

Kicking myself for forgetting my password for the midnight pub

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