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25 year old black lesbian. He/they. Please check out my website if you can!!


milfgod 🥱 24 days ago

The shit going down on Twitter my Lord. Thank God for my site lol

milfgod 🤩 25 days ago

Going to a vaporwave show tonite!

milfgod 🍾 29 days ago

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

milfgod 🙃 36 days ago

Woooooowwwwwwwwwwwww ok

milfgod 🤩 39 days ago

Getting a "MILF$" tattoo on me leg

milfgod 😶 42 days ago

Ike has depression part 848156587

milfgod 😭 44 days ago

Almost got into a car accident today

milfgod 🤒 45 days ago


milfgod 🙃 46 days ago

Can I PLEASE stop having nightmares about losing my job

milfgod 😴 47 days ago

Work week finally over

milfgod ❤️ 48 days ago

Good night to single women over the age of 35

milfgod 🙃 49 days ago

Left my brand spankin new headset at the office like a dumbass

milfgod 🤩 51 days ago

Favorite new insult: Schmuck.

milfgod 😴 52 days ago

Looks like I will be moving states!

milfgod 💡 53 days ago

Currently calculating if my salary could cover cost of living elsewhere

milfgod 😂 54 days ago

When does it End (the suffering)

milfgod 🤩 55 days ago

Crying myself to sleep once again!

milfgod 🤐 55 days ago

Oh Snoopy we're really in it now

milfgod 🙃 56 days ago

Honesty is the first step. Stop kidding yourself and embrace that shit.

milfgod 🤩 56 days ago

Loneliness is literally soul crushing!

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