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Hi hi! I'm a reclusive weeb who happens to draw and play video games!
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kumaluma 🎮 713 days ago

I need to find more pokemon rom hacks to play

kumaluma 🍕 717 days ago

Thinking about making a food page on my website, since food is all I care about sometimes

kumaluma 🥺 717 days ago

Homemade pot pie is now one of my favorite things to cook, I just need to get the crust right next time.

kumaluma 🎮 718 days ago

The wonderswan has so many games, it's such a shame it was just completely unknown outside of Japan for so long!

kumaluma 🍱 720 days ago

This'll sound weird, but I want a friend that wants no deeper connection outside of us sending cooking videos to each other...

kumaluma 💔 722 days ago

I'm really into gameboy mods, but I don't have the money or tools to mod mine right now...

kumaluma 🍞 724 days ago

Made gyeran-ppang for the first time today, it was so savory and fluffy I almost ate all 3 loaves

kumaluma 🙂 726 days ago

@ppppppp It's called Sora no Otoshimono or Heaven's Lost Property. It's a harem romcom and it's pretty absurd I gotta be honest.

kumaluma 🤔 726 days ago

I just don't understand how an anime can have such good concepts and lore but then be 90% fanservice and filler

kumaluma 🔥 727 days ago

I'm desperate for a cold drink or some ice cream right now, it's so hot

kumaluma 🐱 728 days ago

I'm so tired, my cat kept stepping on me all night and loudly meowing for who knows what

kumaluma 👀 729 days ago

Been eyeing this place for a minute, finally decided to give it a go.

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