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i update statuses too much tbh

anyway, have you ever felt like going bah beep bah bo bah bo


ppppppp 📖 7 days ago

we have a plan, and a counter-plan, and a counter-counter-plan which is still a plan

ppppppp 😶 20 days ago

I am ashamed… 😔😅

ppppppp 🥳 21 days ago

my brain has been sloshed around and i am slunked and pretty sure about to throw up

ppppppp 🥰 24 days ago

gonna put out some comics based on this stream i’m watching soon! look out for it!

ppppppp 🤔 26 days ago

can’t believe identity v makes 3 whole ass modes for the hinata hajime skin and then proceeds to skip making eyes’ stitches prohibition sign

ppppppp 🎶 29 days ago

momma’s told me what i should know 🎤 too much candy’s gonna rot your soul 🎵

ppppppp 😶 29 days ago

man… so i have to invest my time and attention and emotions into sb else, while also tending to my own life…? that’s tiring… dammit… 😩

ppppppp 😭 29 days ago

these read receipts are stressing me outtttt THEYRE STRESSING ME OUTTT!!1!1!1!1!1!

ppppppp 😶 33 days ago

my head’s feeling like cotton right now, today, everyday, always 😔

ppppppp 💀 35 days ago

i’ll die having to solve all this shit, probably

ppppppp 😭 36 days ago

mourning my lack of a life rn

ppppppp 🎶 36 days ago


ppppppp 💀 49 days ago

"i won't make this mistake again" *proceed to make the same mistake again* facepalm except it's a slap

ppppppp 😶 58 days ago

at the junction of “hey i did this part of the process pretty well” and “dreading tackling the next part… it’s a different beast” 😰😰😰

ppppppp 💀 61 days ago

i’ve been drawing these damned hands for the ten millionth time

ppppppp 🧐 63 days ago

random thought: weatherman!lxc *cue fall in love w/ the reporter stories on mrm*

ppppppp 😶 69 days ago

will proceed to have a social media-induced meltdown now thx

ppppppp 💀 72 days ago

*staying up all night trying to finish a fic that has stopped making sense since the fourth chapter* goddunnit i did it again

ppppppp 😭 79 days ago

how the hell do people even make Complete Websites… *imagine all the work involved and die*

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