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i update statuses too much tbh

anyway, have you ever felt like going bah beep bah bo bah bo


ppppppp 🧐 36 days ago

you know the word busty…? now type that with telex

ppppppp 💀 37 days ago

*clench fist* probs and stats… *open fist to reveal a crushed probability and statistics*

ppppppp 🥹 58 days ago

why is it so hard to art when you do it :/

ppppppp 😶 80 days ago

how do you… enjoy… something…

ppppppp 🧐 80 days ago

my earwax smells like mangoes…

ppppppp 🙂 85 days ago

🪇 li-i-i-i-i-fe su-u-u-u-ucks 🪇 🪇

ppppppp 😶 191 days ago

mannnn, my life is forfeit (i’ve always wanted to try saying it once) 🥱

ppppppp 😶 195 days ago

banana extract tastes the worst. nothing like bananas. 😖

ppppppp 😶 196 days ago

in a very typical and expected way i will say, i don’t deserve this shit 🙄

ppppppp 📖 212 days ago

we have a plan, and a counter-plan, and a counter-counter-plan which is still a plan

ppppppp 😶 224 days ago

I am ashamed… 😔😅

ppppppp 🥳 225 days ago

my brain has been sloshed around and i am slunked and pretty sure about to throw up

ppppppp 🥰 228 days ago

gonna put out some comics based on this stream i’m watching soon! look out for it!

ppppppp 🤔 230 days ago

can’t believe identity v makes 3 whole ass modes for the hinata hajime skin and then proceeds to skip making eyes’ stitches prohibition sign

ppppppp 🎶 233 days ago

momma’s told me what i should know 🎤 too much candy’s gonna rot your soul 🎵

ppppppp 😶 233 days ago

man… so i have to invest my time and attention and emotions into sb else, while also tending to my own life…? that’s tiring… dammit… 😩

ppppppp 😭 234 days ago

these read receipts are stressing me outtttt THEYRE STRESSING ME OUTTT!!1!1!1!1!1!

ppppppp 😶 237 days ago

my head’s feeling like cotton right now, today, everyday, always 😔

ppppppp 💀 239 days ago

i’ll die having to solve all this shit, probably

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