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ppppppp 🙂 1 day ago

all this scholarship talk is stressing me out… perhaps deservedly though

ppppppp 😶 3 days ago

the hardest part lies in *starting* doing, indeed

ppppppp 🍞 6 days ago

I am *sooooooo* full (dammit)

ppppppp 😶 10 days ago

finished reading, nothing left to do

ppppppp 🙂 12 days ago

my head hurts so much it’s unreal

ppppppp 🥱 14 days ago

wasted the day

ppppppp 🤐 14 days ago

i’m sorry! i must say it! kuroi tsumuji’s art style looks so much like hayane dentou’s! i can’t be the only one thinking so, can i?

ppppppp 🙂 14 days ago

did i seriously just spend an hour devising the reply to a comment on my fic

ppppppp 🤔 14 days ago

what is the word in english for the feeling in your mouth after you have eaten too much sweets

ppppppp 😶 15 days ago

my baby’s gone for the night/she’s probably gone for the night

ppppppp 😭 15 days ago

noooo i hate blue checkmarks, it was only funny once (as you guessed it, on tumblr)

ppppppp 🧋 16 days ago

I am drained and wondering what’s the point to living

ppppppp 🤩 17 days ago

spring rolls, the ultimate food 😋

ppppppp 🧋 19 days ago

i am a terrible decision

ppppppp 🧐 19 days ago

question of the day: does the straight seme/uke tag on mrm mean that the pairing is obvious from the get-go or that one of them is straight

ppppppp 😭 20 days ago

wow isn’t it the worst thing ever to fall because of slippery floor (my leg hurts)

ppppppp 🤔 20 days ago

the “tied by cables” part in convergence reminds me of the “tsugi ni tsugi no” part in outer science

ppppppp 😭 21 days ago

i don’t wanna do anythingggggggg

ppppppp 🥱 22 days ago

drifting off to dreamland is nice, and i get a chance to enjoy if i wake early, i tell myself

ppppppp 🥳 22 days ago

i am no longer subject to a feeling of disconnectedness! (the wi-fi’s now plugged in)

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