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Hi hi! I'm a reclusive weeb who happens to draw and play video games!
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kumaluma 🥹 1 day ago

Ok I will play Scarlet/Violet solely for my boi Farigiraf, I love him

kumaluma 🔥 4 days ago

You know you're manic when you decide to move all of your furniture around at 4 am

kumaluma ✨ 5 days ago

Drew a bunch today and did a little watercolor, very proud of myself

kumaluma 🤔 7 days ago

Trying to figure out if I'm going to skip Pkmn Scarlet/Violet. It'd be the first gen I haven't played.

kumaluma 😎 10 days ago

Boy do I love spending several hours digging my car out of a mound of snow that's twice my height

kumaluma ❄️ 12 days ago

This snow is crazy! we got 36 inches with more on the way :') guess I'm trapped in my house all weekend

kumaluma 😭 15 days ago

I really hate coffee jitters

kumaluma 🥱 16 days ago

Also the new pokemon game leaked and I'm not shocked at this point

kumaluma 🤩 16 days ago

Hoping to do some work on my website after work today finally

kumaluma 😯 21 days ago

Baked some bread with beer in it today and it was surprisingly lacking in beer flavor

kumaluma 🥰 23 days ago

There's something about modding consoles that brings me joy

kumaluma 💔 26 days ago

I want to get back in the groove of updating my website again...

kumaluma 🍞 29 days ago

chili and freshly baked focaccia for warming the soul

kumaluma 💤 34 days ago

Want to work on my website, but I've been so tired and uninspired lately

kumaluma 🤔 37 days ago

Didn't realize how jumpy i was until all the weird stuff started popping out the void in yume nikki

kumaluma 🥳 43 days ago

Gonna try playing Yume Nikki for the first time!

kumaluma 😶 50 days ago

Haven't had the will to do anything since my car got stolen :\

kumaluma 💔 51 days ago

I wanna dye my hair, but I gotta wait until it grows out more...

kumaluma 🥰 60 days ago

ODDTAXI was so good, absolute peak story telling

kumaluma 💀 61 days ago

The least people can do if they're going to steal your car for a joy ride is not completely total it and steal your dental floss and snacks

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