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hzrd πŸŒ™ 269 days ago

Still tired, but almost through this quiet and slow week. Just gotta stretch and make it through some last few things.

hzrd πŸ₯± 273 days ago

Demolished the sleep schedule to monitor an auction nobody else even ended up bidding on...I hope the seller approves my bid πŸ’¦

hzrd πŸŽ„ 274 days ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

hzrd πŸ“Ί 276 days ago

Well *that* movie was a real kick in the pants lol...

hzrd πŸ’» 277 days ago

Having a more objective hobby outside of art is really nice. Well, it is definitely much less stressful or agonizing, at least.

hzrd πŸ“Ί 279 days ago

Finished watching the last episodes today...oh, it's a little bittersweet. The last few episodes were especially intense and fun...

hzrd πŸ’» 284 days ago

Very happy with my new mouse pad, that was not intended to be utilized as a mouse pad but works frighteningly well as a mousepad.

hzrd πŸ€„ 290 days ago

This status brought to you by "it has been months since I last played mahjong and realizing this has made me extremely distraught".

hzrd πŸ€„ 290 days ago

People who dislike mahjong in Yakuza aren't *necessarily* unjustified, but I still desperately want to take the controls for them...

hzrd 🎁 291 days ago

Lots of stuff arriving sooner than originally anticipated. I am...glad, but it definitely is catching me off guard lol.

hzrd 🎁 295 days ago

( α„‘_α„‘)︻┻┳══━一 Screw it, I'll just say it's a Christmas gift to myself. Truly, the bookshelf is just becoming The Duality of Man...

hzrd πŸ“š 296 days ago

Had mostly been done with physical books for frugality & space reasons, but I haven't been so tickled by a series in such a time. Tempted...

hzrd ✏️ 298 days ago

Always knew how I held my pencil was bad, but only finally accepting how detrimental it is...I'll work harder to fix it moving forward...

hzrd πŸ“– 301 days ago

Reading a certain prolific older manga for the first time; the storytelling is *aggressively* unhinged. I am enjoying it too much, possibly.

hzrd ✏️ 303 days ago

Trying to move forward in another direction, but also trying not to lose too much of what's already been built...it is hard.

hzrd 😴 305 days ago

A little bored, but otherwise relaxed. Suppose it's not all bad news.

hzrd 🍞 308 days ago

Time to loaf about.

hzrd 🎢 311 days ago

Have got to find some time to finish/redo the Soundlounge category cards. I'll do anything to make random web passerbys think about DDRMAX2.

hzrd πŸ’» 312 days ago

The work project I have been chipping away at is finally days away from release. I hope the people using it will find it helpful.

hzrd πŸ€– 312 days ago

Bahh, overworked the arms over the weekend. Guess it's a lazing about kind of day today then.

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