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hzrd ⚰️ 13 days ago

Three days straight of breaking the usual routine, brain on autopilot lol.

hzrd 👾 25 days ago

Today's learning mood: I would be unstoppable, if not for the Problems.

hzrd ☕️ 26 days ago

"Yes, surely drinking more coffee at this time of day won't ruin my sleep," said the clown.

hzrd 🥹 46 days ago

Town Car My Beloved

hzrd 🎤 59 days ago

Where are the power drills

hzrd ✂️ 63 days ago

Tried something a little different with the haircut and really digging it.

hzrd 🍏 64 days ago

Oop...this apple is way sweeter than I thought it'd be lol

hzrd ⚾ 69 days ago

Baseball brain...

hzrd 🕒 87 days ago

My perception of time has been wack lately.

hzrd 😴 101 days ago

Sleepy ol' day, but finally getting a mild second wind to power through a bit of painting.

hzrd 🤡 120 days ago

Ah yes, the old "why isn't this bit working" only to realize the folder in question was spelled incorrectly. Yes. That.

hzrd 💻 120 days ago

Did an impromptu overhaul of the site theme. There's still a bit that needs some touchup, but feeling happy with the refresh.

hzrd 🎮 134 days ago

Woe that I want to play a video game but the DL is 4 hours, so I guess I'll draw and see if I am still in the mood this time next week :P

hzrd 🎨 147 days ago

I am trying to be deliberate with linework, so I can be more deliberate and playful when I color. But now everything is so slow to do LOL.

hzrd 🌧️ 148 days ago

Today I enjoyed a more traditional breakfast. It's a little gloomy, but I'm looking forward to a laid-back weekend.

hzrd 💀 165 days ago

Truly was not expecting how much playing a shite video game could/would re-motivate me to pick up the hobbies I've neglected...stand by...

hzrd ✏️ 181 days ago

Remodeling :D

hzrd 💀 191 days ago

"Life is hard," yes, but breaking the string of losses in online riichi mahjong is harder ⚰️

hzrd 🤖 193 days ago

I went to a museum I hadn't gone to before. The exhibits were really good!

hzrd 💤 209 days ago

Wiped out, but had fun. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

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