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hzrd 🔥 143 days ago

Considering how sore I am, it is probably safe to say the failure to complete any routes was not for lack of effort. Ow, ow, ow.

hzrd ☕️ 144 days ago

Still can't seem to get a full night of restful sleep...on the bright side: a natural opportuni-Tea..

hzrd 💤 145 days ago

Just can't stop yawning...

hzrd ❓ 148 days ago

Despite consisting of many of my favorite things, this trail mix is unfortunately disappointing...how did that happen...

hzrd 📚 149 days ago

Books start arriving soon. Excited to finish up this series collection.

hzrd ☕️ 151 days ago

This year has started off busy already. Gotta force some time in to relax and recharge.

hzrd 🔥 155 days ago

Still sore from an intense climbing session earlier in the week. Tackled more routes outside the comfort zone though, t'was fun.

hzrd ⚰️ 159 days ago

Got more wrecked from sleeping on a couch than from New Years imbibing. That's life, baby!

hzrd 🎊 160 days ago

May 2023 be a fun and enjoyable one for all.

hzrd 📚 161 days ago

Settei & boards arrived! Excited to sort through all of these pages...

hzrd 🌙 162 days ago

Still tired, but almost through this quiet and slow week. Just gotta stretch and make it through some last few things.

hzrd 🥱 166 days ago

Demolished the sleep schedule to monitor an auction nobody else even ended up bidding on...I hope the seller approves my bid 💦

hzrd 🎄 167 days ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

hzrd 📺 169 days ago

Well *that* movie was a real kick in the pants lol...

hzrd 💻 170 days ago

Having a more objective hobby outside of art is really nice. Well, it is definitely much less stressful or agonizing, at least.

hzrd 📺 172 days ago

Finished watching the last episodes today...oh, it's a little bittersweet. The last few episodes were especially intense and fun...

hzrd 💻 177 days ago

Very happy with my new mouse pad, that was not intended to be utilized as a mouse pad but works frighteningly well as a mousepad.

hzrd 🀄 183 days ago

This status brought to you by "it has been months since I last played mahjong and realizing this has made me extremely distraught".

hzrd 🀄 183 days ago

People who dislike mahjong in Yakuza aren't *necessarily* unjustified, but I still desperately want to take the controls for them...

hzrd 🎁 184 days ago

Lots of stuff arriving sooner than originally anticipated. I am...glad, but it definitely is catching me off guard lol.

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