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hzrd 💀 255 days ago

"Life is hard," yes, but breaking the string of losses in online riichi mahjong is harder ⚰️

hzrd 🤖 257 days ago

I went to a museum I hadn't gone to before. The exhibits were really good!

hzrd 💤 273 days ago

Wiped out, but had fun. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

hzrd 🎲 276 days ago

Missing the simple things...like bagel breakfast, working out, and extreme loafing. I suppose at least I have mahjong lol...

hzrd 🍺 281 days ago

Vacation time :)

hzrd 🎶 294 days ago

Feeling a little more refreshed...having some time and space away from the usual day-to-day is helpful.

hzrd 🌧️ 298 days ago

This brand of salsa is deeply disappointing...or at least, certainly not what I expected.

hzrd ☕️ 300 days ago

That was probably one of the best coffees I've had...

hzrd 🥃 303 days ago

I'll have a simple meal, and try to unwind and relax a bit today...

hzrd 🎬 305 days ago

It has been nice working on a project that is generally a total change in pace.

hzrd 💾 311 days ago

It's been a long week.

hzrd 🎶 312 days ago

Completed the route I couldn't finish last time. Feeling pretty accomplished.

hzrd 🌱 316 days ago

It was good to just unwind and not work for a change.

hzrd 🔥 321 days ago

Considering how sore I am, it is probably safe to say the failure to complete any routes was not for lack of effort. Ow, ow, ow.

hzrd ☕️ 321 days ago

Still can't seem to get a full night of restful sleep...on the bright side: a natural opportuni-Tea..

hzrd 💤 322 days ago

Just can't stop yawning...

hzrd ❓ 326 days ago

Despite consisting of many of my favorite things, this trail mix is unfortunately disappointing...how did that happen...

hzrd 📚 327 days ago

Books start arriving soon. Excited to finish up this series collection.

hzrd ☕️ 329 days ago

This year has started off busy already. Gotta force some time in to relax and recharge.

hzrd 🔥 333 days ago

Still sore from an intense climbing session earlier in the week. Tackled more routes outside the comfort zone though, t'was fun.

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