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hzrd 🎶 381 days ago

Have got to find some time to finish/redo the Soundlounge category cards. I'll do anything to make random web passerbys think about DDRMAX2.

hzrd 💻 382 days ago

The work project I have been chipping away at is finally days away from release. I hope the people using it will find it helpful.

hzrd 🤖 383 days ago

Bahh, overworked the arms over the weekend. Guess it's a lazing about kind of day today then.

hzrd 🐜 387 days ago

The ants are very persistent and I'm starting to feel like a crazy person. Hoping this will be the final wave of treatment (knock on wood).

hzrd 🥰 388 days ago

Watching my Wobble wob around, daydreaming of being a menace...never knew I needed that in life.

hzrd 📚 391 days ago

Had given up on finding high quality reference material books only to now find too many to even buy...feeling grateful and overwhelmed.

hzrd 🎨 392 days ago

Bored of doing studies, but it is the only good time in the week to do them. I'll begrudgingly endure it.

hzrd 🎄 394 days ago

A recommendation for Feliz Navidad already? Sure, I'll bite.

hzrd 🔧 396 days ago

Temp fix applied.

hzrd 👾 396 days ago

Auto-update boggled the site layout. I'll fix it later, assuming it doesn't cryptically decide to fix itself.

hzrd ☕️ 397 days ago

Broke my norm and had a coffee in the morning; it is tragically preventing me from sleeping now. It was a darn good coffee, though.

hzrd 🍫 398 days ago

Excited to dole out some sweets for Halloween.

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