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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 👶 129 days ago

isn't it amazing and beautiful how some music makes you feel like a little baby

gome 😎 130 days ago

utterly frigid here, but sunny!

gome 😶 132 days ago

what am I gonna do with my Saturday

gome 🐣 134 days ago

trying to reignite my winter survival energy

gome 🌏 135 days ago

wanna learn more geography

gome 🥵 137 days ago

hoping it won't be too warm tonight... shifting temp makes it so hard to sleep

gome 🍩 138 days ago

ate a HUGE donut... oof

gome 🌞 140 days ago

found myself wishing it was summer today

gome 📵 141 days ago

I sometimes hide my phone in weird places like a little creature & then can't find it later

gome 🎶 143 days ago

forgot to mention I went to a choir concert last weekend, that was fun

gome ✨ 144 days ago

despite being windy and overcast, the temp was up and the air had a good feel to it today

gome 🌲 145 days ago

starting to get some of those special smells you only get during warmer spells of winter

gome 🧆 147 days ago

been eating Mediterranean

gome ⛳ 149 days ago

I am glad for this foggy January, it's keeping the trees frosty

gome 🚜 152 days ago

checked out an old barn by a new construction

gome ❄ 153 days ago

the frost on the trees is so cool... a great winter alternative to leaves

gome 😶 154 days ago

the coming weekend bears down upon me like a burlap sack of unknown contents swung at my torso

gome 🌕 155 days ago

the moon was looking great last night... and tonight it'll be full

gome 👃 156 days ago

got kept up last night by a stuffy nose... hoping it's not a cold

gome 😁 159 days ago

I'm setting a bunch of goals for the new year!

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