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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 🏑 1 day ago

fun weekend with family, and getting ready for my big move!

gome 🎣 4 days ago

had fried fish from the fishing trip, it turned out great

gome πŸƒ 5 days ago

would like to get the word of the day going again on my site, but I should get some exercise first

gome πŸ™ 8 days ago

went to a fun Japanese culture event and then visited the botanical gardens

gome 🦌 11 days ago

saw a doe and three fawns on the bike path! got to watch them up close

gome 🏡️ 11 days ago

going to check out the new houseplant store downtown!

gome 🌳 11 days ago

trying to memorize all the native plants in my area

gome πŸ› 13 days ago

made a reasonably tasty tofu dish, and came up with the last section needed for my plant songs!

gome πŸ§— 14 days ago

thinking about trying rock climbing at this new place in town

gome πŸƒ 15 days ago

lovely cool breeze today, feels like fall

gome 🍡 16 days ago

might start drinking more tea again

gome 🌿 17 days ago

working on songs for my plants!

gome πŸ₯’ 18 days ago

cucumbers are going to be coming fast and furious in the next few weeks

gome ⏰ 19 days ago

woke up very early today

gome πŸ₯΅ 22 days ago

tried one of our fresh-grown jalapeΓ±os yesterday, *WHOOF* it was pretty spicy!!!

gome 🧚 23 days ago

visited an awesome park I'd never been to, the kind you'd probably find fairies in

gome β˜• 24 days ago

I love to brew a large volume of coffee on the weekend

gome πŸ• 25 days ago

weekend time, dad's makin' pizza

gome πŸ₯½ 25 days ago

going to try VR gaming for the first time

gome πŸ” 26 days ago

tried those plant-based burgers that are supposed to be like the real thing... they did a good job! but I could still tell, heheh

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