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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 🫔 22 hours ago

tamale night was a lot of fun!

gome 💤 1 day ago

not much to report right now, but I've been getting better sleep

gome 🦃 3 days ago

belated update, but Thanksgiving was a lot of fun!

gome 🧊 7 days ago

chipped ice and tried on a tweed jacket today

gome 🎄 9 days ago

got to drink mulled wine and listen to brass yesterday

gome 🏡 12 days ago

leaving town soon... always nostalgic at endings

gome 🌤️ 14 days ago

what a tiny little day we have now!

gome ❄️ 16 days ago

snowy day, feels wintery for the first time

gome 🔔 17 days ago

the concert yesterday was great! saw some friends too

gome 😶 18 days ago

the mustache is gone now

gome 🍕 19 days ago

I'm actually doing pizza night

gome 🌧️ 19 days ago

dark and stormy week here

gome 🌯 21 days ago

going to get an awesome breakfast burrito today

gome 🌔 23 days ago

Had a long night drive yesterday... it was not bad though!

gome 🏫 26 days ago

visited my old high school today

gome 🦷 28 days ago

just got my chipped tooth fixed! it looks great

gome 🐦 29 days ago

we're still having great weather, my walk today was delightful

gome 🎃 30 days ago

happy Halloween 💀

gome 🌾 31 days ago

awesome weekend, it's nice to be back under a big sky

gome 🥸 34 days ago

I'm going mustache mode

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