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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 🌳 10 days ago

loving my neighborhood today

gome ☕️ 15 days ago

taking steps to improve my coffee setup

gome ☀️ 16 days ago

warming up in here

gome 🛼 20 days ago

gathering a very little bit of momentum

gome 🌲 28 days ago

they pulled out the tree I saw a blue jay in

gome 🌔 31 days ago

fun day, saw lots of people

gome 🌃 41 days ago

might see the northern lights tonight!

gome 🐣 45 days ago

pretty nice day out! I have the window open

gome 🐌 48 days ago

thinking about sending more snail mail

gome 📱 51 days ago

I haven't been updating cause I got a new phone, & never logged into status.cafe... that's fixed now!

gome 🌧️ 64 days ago

weather isn't quite there yet... but we've had some nice days

gome 🌮 74 days ago

had some crazy good tacos yesterday

gome 🎨 85 days ago

I want to get my creativity flowing...

gome 🖥️ 95 days ago

thinking about design, of music & websites...

gome ☀️ 100 days ago

sun's back baby

gome 🍲 106 days ago

the completion of a 5-year stew

gome 🥕 116 days ago

making food beforehand is nice

gome 🌱 122 days ago

spring feeling

gome 🎵 128 days ago

the tentative beginnings of a new rhythm...

gome 🍎 131 days ago

just had the biggest apple I ever had. huge

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