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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 😫 54 days ago

I said I was gonna get back on my sleep schedule, but I am really not doing a good job yet...

gome 🍬 56 days ago

bought a lot of cool candy from the Asian market

gome 🌱 59 days ago

if I keep saying spring is here, the snow is bound to melt eventually!

gome 🦆 61 days ago

don't know how they got my address, but this postcard has me seriously considering buying a duck statue

gome 🌷 63 days ago

still getting snow but it basically feels like spring somehow

gome 😄 65 days ago

what a fun weekend it's been!

gome 🧊 67 days ago

we got the pretty frost again

gome 🌊 69 days ago

it will be nice to be on the north side of the house during the spring melt

gome ❄️ 70 days ago

the snow is often quite beautiful when it's falling

gome 🐕 72 days ago

the doggy turned 10 this week

gome 🇳🇵 75 days ago

had awesome Nepal food for my workiversary lunch

gome 🐬 77 days ago

messing around with cloud stuff has been fun

gome 🍫 79 days ago

hoping my chocolate rosemary custard turns out awesome

gome 🍳 80 days ago

enjoying a hearty bowl of gome hash!

gome 🍛 82 days ago

been making some good food lately

gome 🎹 84 days ago

got to go somewhere this morning

gome 🤯 88 days ago

Friday actually came really fast this week!

gome 🌨 90 days ago

incredible amounts of snow today

gome 😶 94 days ago

weekend... baby

gome 😷 96 days ago

as it turns out, I was not actually getting better

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