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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 🥓 223 days ago

the whole apt smells like bacon... but I'm not making bacon

gome 🗣 229 days ago


gome 🦃 236 days ago

back in hometown for Thanksgiving

gome 🐦 239 days ago

saw blue jays and a cardinal on a walk

gome 🍛 242 days ago

I pan-fried tofu, put it in some curry, and put it on top of tater tots. 👍

gome ✨ 247 days ago

first time simply spending a day alone since I moved

gome ☀️ 254 days ago

pretty nice out today! but I wasn't outside that much...

gome 🍩 256 days ago

ate big donut...

gome ❄️ 258 days ago

wow, it actually snew last night...

gome 🤩 259 days ago

had espresso this morning! not survival coffee

gome ☕️ 264 days ago

drinking survival coffee today

gome 🚶 266 days ago

walked around a nice lake

gome 🦠 279 days ago

getting chillier, and I'm getting used to my new kitchen

gome 🌳 287 days ago

finally in my new place!

gome 🎶 291 days ago

I shall make a playlist for the move

gome 🏡 294 days ago

the move is soon

gome 🚲 302 days ago

I gotta bike more!

gome 🌳 310 days ago

definitely enjoying the early hints of Fall

gome 🧠 312 days ago

waiting out a period of brainlessness...

gome 🦜 315 days ago

played all 91 holes...

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