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  • I'm a gome
  • I write choral music
  • I make things with the computer
  • I read and learn and ponder


gome 🚙 218 days ago

going on a trip this weekend!

gome 🎤 219 days ago

might try to do karaoke tonight

gome 🌨️ 220 days ago

the winter's back again, thanks Phil

gome 🍕 221 days ago

made a good flatbread pizza!

gome 🧆 223 days ago

made a good meal yesterday

gome 😶 226 days ago

had a bunch of crazy dreams last night, woke up from 3 nested ones at one point

gome 💤 226 days ago

gonna try sleeping earlier for a while

gome 👃 227 days ago

smells nice outside tonight

gome 🍽️ 228 days ago

had delicious tater tot hotdish!

gome 💭 229 days ago

kind of feels like 2021 this week...

gome 💡 230 days ago

gonna go play trivia tonight

gome 🍳 231 days ago

making brunch :D

gome ☕ 232 days ago

drank coffee from a teapot today!

gome 👔 233 days ago

might try to buy a new article of clothing this weekend

gome 😳 235 days ago

just ate a straight tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

gome 👶 236 days ago

isn't it amazing and beautiful how some music makes you feel like a little baby

gome 😎 237 days ago

utterly frigid here, but sunny!

gome 😶 239 days ago

what am I gonna do with my Saturday

gome 🐣 240 days ago

trying to reignite my winter survival energy

gome 🌏 241 days ago

wanna learn more geography

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