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yaya 👽 569 days ago

Change My Mind: Spotify should have a vizualizer!

yaya 🙂 605 days ago

yes yes YES!!!!

yaya 😎 605 days ago

Fingers crossed for “shot at the night” !!!

yaya 😎 611 days ago

You should stop what you're doing right now and listen to the whole african herbsman album !

yaya 🙂 617 days ago

Here's to new beginnings, step by step, one at a time and everything all at once

yaya 😎 619 days ago

Woah! 1000+ hits! Crazy but I guess keep stopping by?

yaya 📺 619 days ago

luigi de guzman looks so satisfied when he wins I hope he has another one tonight

yaya 😎 639 days ago

The Best Anti-Depressant: Warren G 🎶

yaya 🍦 646 days ago

Remember the good times we had last summer? Remember when things were really jumping good?

yaya 🎶 662 days ago

Random Access Memories--can't beat it !

yaya 🐶 670 days ago

I suddenly find myself craving bananas

yaya 🔥 695 days ago


yaya 😎 695 days ago

Makes me wonder is such a vibe—thank you lerner!

yaya 🎨 701 days ago

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Was so lovely to see everyone out for pride*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

yaya 🍺 704 days ago

Rhombus is my new favorite word

yaya ✏️ 704 days ago

"How far that little candle throws his BEAMS" -Portia

yaya 🎶 705 days ago

“ Ride like the one eyed jack of diamonds with the devil close behind…”

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