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A worker ant, no special attributes. Think south, tropics, palm trees, sweat.


workerant 🙂 202 days ago

Watched the 1984 Dune movie with Missus. Not bad.

workerant 🌧️ 205 days ago

Rain and a touch of hail earlier. All quiet now. Lots of goings-on the past few days. Needed: more sustenance. Time to eat!

workerant 🙂 208 days ago

Some of the best medical advice ever: Take an afternoon nap.

workerant 🙂 209 days ago

@xandra Wondering what a dutch crunch sandwich is, sounds good.

workerant 🙂 210 days ago

Time to eat, but the question is, where?

workerant 🙂 210 days ago

I upped my intake of water today. Even though it has rained. (Does one thing have anything to do with the other?)

workerant 🙂 211 days ago

@m15o OK, not a problem. Thanks for the reply about not being able to reply. haha

workerant 🙂 211 days ago

Any way to reply to somebody here?

workerant 📖 212 days ago

Have been in the Book a good part of the day.

workerant 🔥 213 days ago

I visited Melon's profile!!

workerant 🙂 213 days ago

I did not visit Melon's profile! I don't even know who he/she/it is ...

workerant 🙂 213 days ago

Wassup, peoples? Doing some fine reading this morn. Just had my almondshake to start the day off right.

workerant 🙂 213 days ago

Apparently the bookmarklet doesn't let you clip text ...

workerant ☕ 213 days ago

Jumped in, kicking the tires, waiting on delivery order to arrive.