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A worker ant, no special attributes. Think south, tropics, palm trees, sweat.


workerant 🙂 597 days ago

What's the point?

workerant 🙂 628 days ago

Why did margins change, posts now going beyond the window?

workerant 🙂 632 days ago

Upset stomach from meds, probably. Will all soon be over.

workerant 🙂 642 days ago

Get it out there, matters not who reads it, at least, you expressed it.

workerant 🙂 655 days ago

Energy lags at night, and worse, emotional level. Sign it's time for bed.

workerant 🙂 656 days ago

I went to do something microbloggy but wound up with a full-blown blog post.

workerant 🙂 657 days ago

Everything is weird.

workerant 🙂 660 days ago

I tried to access this earlier (yesterday?) and it was unavailable.

workerant 🙂 668 days ago

Long day, but good. Early to rise, early to bed.

workerant 🙂 670 days ago

Problems discourage. Recurring problems really, really discourage.

workerant 💤 675 days ago

Been out all afternoon. Missed my nap. Call me Sleep Sam.

workerant 💤 677 days ago

See you later. Hang in there. Things will improve.

workerant 🙂 677 days ago

Using status updater. I like!

workerant 🙂 677 days ago

I was looking for this the other day and couldn't find it. Yeah!

workerant 🙂 890 days ago

Watched the 1984 Dune movie with Missus. Not bad.

workerant 🌧️ 893 days ago

Rain and a touch of hail earlier. All quiet now. Lots of goings-on the past few days. Needed: more sustenance. Time to eat!

workerant 🙂 895 days ago

Some of the best medical advice ever: Take an afternoon nap.

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