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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


out 😱 3 days ago


out 🌙 13 days ago

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

out 😭 14 days ago

facking coding hoemework........

out 🌈 39 days ago

i want fruit!!! i love fruit!!!!!!

out 🌧️ 50 days ago

dentist appointment tomorrow... dentist appointment tomo....rrow........

out 🥳 81 days ago

celebrated my bday with a mango cake!

out ❤️ 114 days ago

i had pumpkin soup

out 🙃 134 days ago

i feel like tearing up,

out 📚 143 days ago

almost 3 am... today has left me with barely any free time in the world

out 🙃 158 days ago


out 🙃 191 days ago

i am so so tired of airpods. i should just stop using them

out 😶 213 days ago

survived weeks of workload and now im jsut. jus t (just) sitting here

out ☀️ 220 days ago

my fourth mango smoothie this week?!

out ❄️ 247 days ago

mango smoothie braaaain freeeeeze haaha aw no my heart is freezing tooo

out 😇 255 days ago

school can just go and die

out ❤️ 257 days ago

more bánh mì pleas...

out ❤️ 259 days ago

turns out it wasnt cheese nor cheese bread... but bánh bao :D

out 👀 260 days ago

i smell cheese... and bread... cheese bread.......

out ✨ 260 days ago

got my hair cut, happy june!

out 🌈 264 days ago

be who you areeee forr your prideeeeeee

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