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wolfsite ✏️ 4 days ago

wanna look into getting a raspberry pi

wolfsite 📚 7 days ago

drinking tea and reading red dragon

wolfsite ❄️ 10 days ago

my bf bucky'd my brain and now I'm all winter soldier

wolfsite 🤒 15 days ago

I got sick again. boo!!

wolfsite 🐶 23 days ago

I love having a website!! :3

wolfsite 📚 30 days ago

yippie!! pi day!!

wolfsite 🐶 41 days ago

bought my first collar today!!

wolfsite 🌧️ 44 days ago

feeling eepy lately...

wolfsite 📺 51 days ago

happy bride of reanimator day!!

wolfsite 📺 56 days ago

saw possibly in michigan for the first time. it is SOO good!!

wolfsite 🐶 56 days ago

meow meowww!!

wolfsite 📰 63 days ago

I promise I'm alive! I haven't had much time to code lately

wolfsite 🍞 83 days ago

baking bread with my friend :3

wolfsite 🎲 86 days ago

I love dungeons and dragons GRRR

wolfsite 🎬 95 days ago

watching reanimator for the millionth time! I love this movie so much it's unreal

wolfsite 💻 98 days ago

I love coding so much. big puzzle fan. if something doesn't work, I relish in problem solving

wolfsite ✨ 103 days ago

happy new yuri hehe

wolfsite 🎶 105 days ago


wolfsite 💔 105 days ago

tempted to start learning about touhou but I can't handle another interest rn grr

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