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Hi! I'm Wobb. This is Wobb's Gazette, chronicling the Wobble settling in Wobble Town.

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wobbs_gazette ☕ 8 days ago

Some Wobbles are evolving - and new ones being added! Thank you neonriser (again!) and duck.

wobbs_gazette 🥳 15 days ago

Woww! Wobble population just crossed the 100 mark. <3 New Wobbles have been added thanks to the incredible art of @neonriser. THANK YOU!

wobbs_gazette ✨ 22 days ago

Anon user sent this tips: "Use the CSS `image-rendering: crisp-edges` on Wobble GIFs to make them look more pixelated!" send your tips too!

wobbs_gazette ✏️ 22 days ago

Wobbles are growing! And so am I?! Time for a little Wobble dance to celebrate. Note: looks like it took 7 days for us to grow.

wobbs_gazette 😯 23 days ago

New Wobbles have been discovered by Neonriser! Eggs will now hatch 2 types of Wobbles.

wobbs_gazette 🍕 26 days ago

Interesting fact of the day: Pizza seems to be one of the Wobbles' favorite food.

wobbs_gazette 👀 29 days ago

Fixed a bug in the link to embed your Wobble. You might want to update your code! Thanks taswelll for finding it!

wobbs_gazette ✏️ 29 days ago

Customization update is here: add colors and HTML to your Wobble's page in the "description" field. Full status now shown as well!

wobbs_gazette 💾 29 days ago

The site is back up... sorry for the interruption. All systems should be operational!

wobbs_gazette 📰 30 days ago

Want to take your Wobble on a trip? Head over to your Wobble's page to find an HTML snippet you can embed on your site!

wobbs_gazette 📰 30 days ago

Careful examination of the Wobbles population seems to show that eating is their favorite activity. Stay tuned for more Wobble insights!