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It changes. Check here.


winrg 💻 3 days ago

It's not DNS. It can't be DNS. It was DNS.

winrg 💤 14 days ago

out of grounds, forgot to get coffee from the campus cafe. the vending machines are out of monster. i eepy

winrg 💤 30 days ago

finally done moving into college

winrg ✏️ 37 days ago

ugh, keeping data in order in real time is such a fucking pain

winrg 🎶 40 days ago

got Pawn Shoppe Heart and Tragic Kingdom ripped into my music library. 2 fuckin great albums and im super happy to have em there

winrg 💻 41 days ago

So much to do, and so little time. Today? I update my links page. Tomorrow? Who knows.