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winrg 💻 68 days ago

so many meetings

winrg 📖 69 days ago

returning to class

winrg 📚 70 days ago

welp, time to teach a dweeb python

winrg 😭 71 days ago

jesus why did it take so long to sleep last night

winrg 🤒 72 days ago

the plague

winrg 😎 74 days ago

new infra working well

winrg 💻 76 days ago

running the little powerdns install that could

winrg 📖 77 days ago

got LCL 156, gonna try translating Meno to Toki Pona from the OG greek

winrg 💾 78 days ago

i guess i should start updating this more.

winrg 📖 138 days ago

you should read lovecraft.

winrg 🙂 138 days ago

need to stop forgetting about this place, anyways, meeting with teachers went well a week and a bit ago.

winrg 💤 152 days ago

just need to get things done tomorrow

winrg ☕️ 152 days ago

oh boy i love executive dysfunction :))))))))

winrg 🎶 156 days ago

hearin' the twilight hearin' the twilight hearin' the twiiiilliiiiight twiiilight tooooonnnne

winrg 🎶 158 days ago

terrible things is a banger. also you should listen to special sound series.

winrg 😎 190 days ago

Marigold Town is up! Check my stuffs out @!!

winrg 📚 203 days ago

nausea of the soul.

winrg 🙂 204 days ago

Finally getting anything done.

winrg 💻 211 days ago

It's not DNS. It can't be DNS. It was DNS.

winrg 💤 222 days ago

out of grounds, forgot to get coffee from the campus cafe. the vending machines are out of monster. i eepy

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