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willowashmaple 🌧️ 318 days ago

abolish the inept national weather service, create a bureau of climactic control within the pentagon, fair weather and bumper crops for all

willowashmaple 🌧️ 318 days ago

the united states of america has enough money and military resources to control the weather of the whole world but no it wouldn't

willowashmaple 🐱 337 days ago

it's past midnight and i'm feeling hyperactive

willowashmaple 😛 337 days ago

the song of songs is a story of a polygamous tin pot dictator with a harem, featuring human trafficking, love triangle, and smut

willowashmaple 🙂 340 days ago

I entered an in-app anonymous chat room and the system automatically named me Kasandra Tristen.

willowashmaple 🐱 343 days ago

another sunny spring day until 5 p.m.

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