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willowashmaple 🐱 392 days ago

another sunny spring day until 5 p.m.

willowashmaple β˜•οΈ 393 days ago

it's iced coffee kind of day

willowashmaple 🌱 393 days ago

For those who celebrate it today, I wish you a blessed year 3343!

willowashmaple 🐱 394 days ago

Happy International Day of Happiness

willowashmaple 🌱 396 days ago

first cherry blossom sighting of 2023!

willowashmaple 🐱 397 days ago

girl scout cookies season ($6 each, $1 up from last year)

willowashmaple πŸ₯± 398 days ago

60 degrees outside and im sleepy kitty is also sleepy

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