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willowashmaple πŸ™‚ 235 days ago

I've managed to go swimming in Blue Lake again today before the park closes next week for renovation! I floated in the water for an hour!

willowashmaple β˜€οΈ 247 days ago

95 degrees so far, 9 more degrees to go!

willowashmaple 🐱 258 days ago

It's Caturday and a year since the passing of Lovecat Loveface

willowashmaple 🐱 278 days ago

"A best preparation for tomorrow is to live today supremely."

willowashmaple 🧐 278 days ago

Facebook has been bombarding me with ads from Gudrun SjΓΆdΓ©n day and night for the past week.

willowashmaple πŸ™‚ 279 days ago

the more I think about it, the more I realize that my fashion aesthetics echo the 1990s tween girls styles

willowashmaple πŸ™‚ 279 days ago

i got a haircut yesterday and lost lots of hair!

willowashmaple 🐱 285 days ago

i farted and my fart smelled like kimchi even though i've never had kimchi for months

willowashmaple 🐱 334 days ago

a perfect bicycling weather today

willowashmaple 🌱 338 days ago

Getting up at 5 a.m. and watering the gardens has been a positive change for me.

willowashmaple 🐱 357 days ago

After five years of not using it, I installed the new Opera browser (Opera One developer preview). I'm so far impressed.

willowashmaple 🐱 358 days ago

gopher and gemini browsers can save you money on mobile data.

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