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weird girl extraordinaire

Mae by hornet-s


wichitalk 🙂 27 days ago

should really make my website responisve but UGH what a snore

wichitalk 🙂 27 days ago

back in business baby

wichitalk 🎱 172 days ago

you have to get growling

wichitalk 🎱 199 days ago


wichitalk 🙂 199 days ago

school is a bore

wichitalk 🙂 199 days ago

playing disco elysium...im such a fucked up detective (gotta upload my quote page...)

wichitalk 💻 206 days ago

everyday i think my homepage can't get cooler and BOOM. it does.

wichitalk 🙂 206 days ago

SNOW DAY. gonna sleep in and read empire falls and meander around the library

wichitalk 💻 213 days ago

loveeeee making webpages. hate uploading to neocities.

wichitalk 💻 214 days ago

i have this very weird mutation of senioritis that manifests through spending all my time coding weird web pages instead of doing homework

wichitalk 🙂 214 days ago

the div element is actually something that can be so special

wichitalk 🙂 215 days ago

puss in boots the last wish goes SO HARD. i did not see that coming.

wichitalk 🎤 219 days ago

108 days until graduation....get me out of here!!

wichitalk 🙂 219 days ago

it is 50 degrees in feburary and I am holding out for spring itself