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webcatz 🎨 4 days ago

ouhh. i should get ready for artfight huh

webcatz 💡 8 days ago

ohhh yume 2kki is called that because ni means two.

webcatz 🤐 9 days ago

& whyyyy am i such a pushover.

webcatz 🥳 14 days ago


webcatz 👽 23 days ago

my gnose is beeding

webcatz 🤖 30 days ago

i <3 godot _draw()

webcatz 🤖 39 days ago

feeling unsatisfied unproductive. i will fix this

webcatz 😭 40 days ago

loop hero genuinely driving me insane i neeed to see fanart of these three idiots chilling together. but i have to finish the game firsttttt

webcatz 🎶 41 days ago

got a whole second measure done. yay for me

webcatz ☀️ 45 days ago

summer so close now... let me gooooo

webcatz 💤 47 days ago

estrogen would have fixed her (image of cisgender woman)

webcatz 🔥 48 days ago


webcatz 🤩 48 days ago

love obsidian's stacked tabs so much they feel so good to use

webcatz 😇 50 days ago

switching pkms AGAIN. obsidian how i have always loved you (lie)

webcatz 🎶 72 days ago

she see on my person till i through

webcatz 🌃 76 days ago

god i want to be a girl

webcatz 🍳 89 days ago

ok im cooking a little bit. some website updates soon...

webcatz 🙂 89 days ago

everyboby blow up NOW

webcatz 🔥 91 days ago

im gleaching outt

webcatz 🔥 95 days ago

giving my characters thematically relevant trauma like its jojo stands

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