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webcatz 🥱 60 days ago

so much to do and so little time!

webcatz 🤩 60 days ago

im not going to college im going to dig a hole and sleep in it

webcatz 😴 66 days ago

cat all piled up in books and mail!

webcatz 💤 69 days ago

birthday success. now: dreams of mochi

webcatz 🤩 81 days ago

land of fans and music 5... act 2??

webcatz 🤒 82 days ago

not my gay ass getting sick and sleeping the weekend away

webcatz 🎶 82 days ago

big fan of songs where the singer starts giving a speech halfway through

webcatz 😭 82 days ago

dungeon meshi OVER... i am gonna cry

webcatz 🥳 83 days ago

compsci class finally getting sorta interesting

webcatz ❤️ 85 days ago

binged the entirety of over the garden wall. that was incredible

webcatz 😶 86 days ago

urgh. school blues

webcatz ❄️ 89 days ago

getting cold again :(

webcatz 😎 92 days ago

actually we are social animals

webcatz 👽 99 days ago

java scipt

webcatz 💻 104 days ago

rewriting my homestuck shrine for the billionth time... hopefully i'll get it to a publishable state this time

webcatz 🌙 106 days ago

so cool that there's just an orb in the sky. a thing. up there. that's literally so awesome

webcatz 🐱 106 days ago

you can pry :3 out of my cold dead silly hands

webcatz 💡 107 days ago

cool idea for a game. maybe

webcatz 🤖 108 days ago

baba is you world map... complete. good feeling!!!!!!! now onto finishing the rest

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