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hi I'm Lucas!! autistic vampire and lover of all things evil 🦇
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vilevampire 🔥 30 days ago

💥 💥 💥 💥 💥

vilevampire 🤐 44 days ago

me when I forget what I'm supposed to be doing every 5 seconds

vilevampire ❤️ 44 days ago

I love you so much, side character with little to no relevance from fictional media

vilevampire 🔥 48 days ago

the hyperfixation is exploding me

vilevampire 🙃 101 days ago

naur why is there a shit ton of maggots in my kitchen

vilevampire 👽 104 days ago

I want to run around and listen to music and watch videos and draw and code all at the same time aaaaAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA

vilevampire 🌈 108 days ago

finally having time to draw again!!! yippie

vilevampire ❤️ 114 days ago

naberius kalego is babygirl

vilevampire 👽 115 days ago

why am I motion sick when I am literally just Sitting here doing nothing !!!

vilevampire 🌧️ 117 days ago

the non-stop yawning

vilevampire 🌙 118 days ago

coining a new term for when I feel exhausted yet hyperactive and restless at the same time. I am calling it hypertired

vilevampire 👽 119 days ago

someway somehow psychology and neurology became special interests 2 me

vilevampire 🔥 121 days ago


vilevampire 🤖 122 days ago

exhausted and hyperactive at the samne time. what is even the point . how does that eve nwork

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