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hi I'm Lucas!! autistic vampire and lover of all things evil 🦇
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vilevampire 🤖 305 days ago

exhausted and hyperactive at the samne time. what is even the point . how does that eve nwork

vilevampire 🙂 305 days ago

extreme tired for 8 hours straight no I have not been able to fall asleep yes I am in hell

vilevampire 😡 306 days ago

apanthasia is so fucked up I want to be able to see things clearly in my head too what the fuck bro

vilevampire 🔥 306 days ago

oh my god . getting the zoomies at 2 am

vilevampire 😶 308 days ago

wow it has been an absolutely batshit awful day !

vilevampire 🙂 309 days ago

at least I got to code a bit before bed

vilevampire 🌙 309 days ago

somehow both the zoomies and the tired sleepies prevailed and I spent the whole day restless AND sluggish . how does that even work

vilevampire 🌙 310 days ago

the urge to go zoomies VS. the tired sleepies epic battle to the death who will win??????

vilevampire 🔥 311 days ago

DETERMINED to have a good day today

vilevampire 🤔 312 days ago

not in pain anymore forrealsies this time. may b. anw I'm gonna go code or something it's been forever since I've worked on my site

vilevampire 💀 314 days ago

why knee pain . right when I'm trying to chill

vilevampire 🔥 314 days ago

entering hyperfixation mode

vilevampire 🌙 314 days ago

I slept for so fucking long

vilevampire 🥹 315 days ago

after feeling like shit for so long I finally had an actually good mental health day

vilevampire 🔥 315 days ago

it's soooooo hot around here christ

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