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Wish I had more motivation to do things.
My favourite things
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vhv 🌧ī¸ 319 days ago

feeling sick even though I may not actually be; can't bring myself to do anything

vhv 💀 323 days ago

everything hurts

vhv < 345 days ago

never sleep

vhv 🌧ī¸ 415 days ago


vhv 💀 420 days ago

**** ****

vhv 🙃 423 days ago

I'm genuinely losing it, might fail two classes this semester.

vhv 💀 427 days ago

Failed my physics class (feeling just f#cking great)

vhv 💀 429 days ago

I'm so f#cked

vhv ❤ī¸ 439 days ago

John Maus is such good soundtrack for a lonely night stroll through the city

vhv ❤ī¸ 448 days ago

Think it, dream it, DO it!

vhv 🌧ī¸ 458 days ago

depressed as hell

vhv 🙃 468 days ago

Everything will be alright tomorrow, right?

vhv đŸŒĢī¸ 469 days ago

I tried and I gave up

vhv 💀 471 days ago


vhv 💀 474 days ago

Physics is killing me

vhv đŸĨš 475 days ago

nooooo :(((( Discord replaced the cursed-looking :face_holding_back_tears: emoji

vhv 🙃 477 days ago


vhv 🤒 485 days ago

f#cking cobid, again????

vhv 💀 489 days ago


vhv 💀 493 days ago

how does one stop for real...

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