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Wish I had more motivation to do things.
My favourite things
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vhv đŸŒĢī¸ 401 days ago

how f#cking sad am I

vhv 👀 437 days ago

exam loomin

vhv đŸļ 439 days ago

when the

vhv đŸ¤ĸ 440 days ago

f#cking covid man

vhv ❄ī¸ 448 days ago

soz, fucked up inside

vhv ✨ 452 days ago

managed to clutch an exam and get an A, poggies; though that was algorithms and programming, the painful math is yet to come

vhv 🙃 456 days ago


vhv 🙂 461 days ago


vhv 👀 474 days ago


vhv 💀 495 days ago

I feel so sick, yet still I have to write a test tomorrow. pain

vhv 🌧ī¸ 500 days ago

I don't want to live like this anymore

vhv 🙃 509 days ago

Not sure if I feel like shit because I'm sick or if I feel sick because I feel like shit

vhv 🙃 515 days ago

why can't my brain just f#cking listen

vhv â˜ļ 516 days ago

Sometimes I just... I don't know

vhv ✨ 520 days ago

Know when you get high, it's all wrong.

vhv 🌧ī¸ 523 days ago

I shouldn't be doing this, but here I am

vhv 🙂 528 days ago

things might just be starting to get better

vhv ❄ī¸ 529 days ago

how the fuck does the

vhv đŸ”Ĩ 530 days ago

is this the life??

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