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Hi im venus (he/it)

This is where I dump my website-related thoughts, because I have so many of them all the time

occasionally there will be completely random ones though, for fun.


venus 🎬 8 hours ago

saw the stop making sense 40th anniversary remaster in theaters yesterday!!!!! it was so insanely good. thank you david byrne

venus 📺 4 days ago

listening to a fallout 4 audio drama while coding a new page. this is so fun

venus 🎬 5 days ago

watched 2001: a space odyssey at my local imax theater today. oh my god. its so good. definitely in my top 5 movies

venus 📺 7 days ago

need to work on my wheatley shrine but ive been so busy playing video games forever. pokes fallout 4 splatoon and tf2 with a stick

venus 🙂 9 days ago

added a lot of new graphics to my hoard. grins

venus 📺 10 days ago

thinking about making a rinse & repeat [the band] shrine for all 5 fans of it out there. and i just might. i just might

venus 🎤 11 days ago

finished my resources page :] go check it out

venus 🎤 11 days ago

planning on working on my resources page next. grins. i heart links

venus 📺 12 days ago

test ^_^