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Hi im venus (he/it)

This is where I dump my website-related thoughts, because I have so many of them all the time

occasionally there will be completely random ones though, for fun. (icon by my buddy jack manglefan999 on twitter)


venus 🎮 9 days ago

been hopelessly addicted to the fnv dlcs recently. gnaws on glass

venus 🎮 82 days ago

who up going through their yearly fallout hysteria episode

venus 📺 94 days ago

binged the whole fallout tv show last night. good lird

venus 🎮 106 days ago

been replaying pokemon legends arceus for the occasion of volo coming to pokemas yayyy

venus 🎶 128 days ago

who up weening [this is about the band ween]

venus 🙂 142 days ago

i need a job really badly but im nonbinary so idrc about that rn

venus 🎮 157 days ago

food...water....wheatley portal 2....

venus 🎬 191 days ago

my space odyssey autism is so strong right now it pulled me out of the woodworks to work on my shrine for it again. bit funny

venus 😯 197 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

venus 🎶 229 days ago

scratches head. 18k+ depeche mode minutes on my spotify wrapped. i think i hauve covid

venus 📺 241 days ago

watched moon (2009) yesterday. gerty i love youuuu

venus 📺 274 days ago

rewatched electric dreams. god that movie is so good

venus 📺 282 days ago

very tempted to make a shrine based on the space odyssey series because i have not stopped thinking about it once this past week. ough

venus 🎮 284 days ago


venus 🎶 288 days ago

give me that z-o-l-o-f-t...<lyrics

venus 🎶 293 days ago

quebec by ween......thinking about it. thinking about it a normal amount

venus 🎤 296 days ago

new "blog" entry just dropped. grins

venus 🎬 297 days ago

saw the stop making sense 40th anniversary remaster in theaters yesterday!!!!! it was so insanely good. thank you david byrne

venus 📺 300 days ago

listening to a fallout 4 audio drama while coding a new page. this is so fun

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