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unicorns 😶 8 days ago

the goodwill i had from my good deeds has been used up tonight after cutting all the airport lines and bullying tsa BUT I MADE THE FLIGHT

unicorns 💀 9 days ago

toiling (cleaning my apt)

unicorns 👀 16 days ago

it's been a good run here but i'm glad i will no longer hear ambulances 24/7 and have my mail stolen

unicorns 💀 20 days ago

i just spent a week learning eleventy and pelican trying to make something i forgot i already created in mkdocs

unicorns 💔 20 days ago

waiting for apt applications to be accepted/rejected is worse than applying to grad school

unicorns 💀 30 days ago

idea: a show about (academic) cheaters. you are NOT the author! everyone is shocked and horrified. they throw rotten fruit at the stage.

unicorns 🧐 31 days ago

i think my sim's playstyle is 'trickster god'. everyone is mostly miserable except the weirdos, like count chocula in the fnaf house.

unicorns 🤖 33 days ago

i need to remember to delete my mastodon account

unicorns 🤔 34 days ago

i've played neopets for over 20 years and received my very first warning today. the crime was posting the phrase 'biden blast' on gen disc

unicorns 🙂 34 days ago

idea: a webring but for people with less than 10 dollars in their checking account

unicorns 👀 37 days ago

putting this here so I remember: missing my nail file, and missing my necklace (probably both at my parents house but I need them to look)

unicorns 💀 37 days ago

update: found the headphones. they had fallen into the chasm between the pillows and where the bed meets the wall.

unicorns 🙂 37 days ago

i cannot find my headphones ANYWHERE. i had them this morning. it's like some loathesome, anti-headphone elf has hidden them from me

unicorns 🙃 38 days ago

do students not know i will put the question prompts into chatgpt and know if they reworded the answer? come on

unicorns ✈️ 39 days ago

it is almost time to get on the plane and once more play PetroDragonic Apocalypse for 5 hours straight

unicorns 🌧️ 41 days ago

i can't enjoy nekojiru after reading her viciously antisemitic comics. and no 'death of the author' doesn't work here. actually read barthes

unicorns 🧀 49 days ago

i wonder which of the founding fathers TM would like hello kitty the most.

unicorns 🤖 58 days ago

i cannot trust people who make boring websites. you could have made anything and yet you made the web equivalent of gas station sandwich

unicorns 🐱 60 days ago

what's the lore behind the catfish statue in kaliningrad by the pregolya river

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