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unicorns 👀 393 days ago

astounding that connecting my iphone to my computer that runs arch works better with non-apple software than when i try connecting it to mac

unicorns 🥱 393 days ago

rip to the open calls for work that exclude undergrad students. grad students I can understand but ungrads have less access to opportunities

unicorns 🥹 399 days ago

'i hate the british monarchy' i say as i add a red coat to my etsy cart (i will be beat up in boston for this) (i live there) (i will die)

unicorns 🥱 399 days ago

still malding that a trendy, coastal, art gallery in CA picked a bland portrait of the dead UK queen as their 'art of the year' or w/e.

unicorns 🙂 399 days ago

ok complaining time. one of my neighbors does not understand how to close doors. they SLAM all doors. pretty sure they go to harvard too.

unicorns 💀 411 days ago

executive: dysfunction

unicorns 😭 415 days ago

i hate my learning disability sf much

unicorns 💀 418 days ago

i am going to give up on mascara

unicorns ✈️ 419 days ago

my foundation leaked like a third of the formula on the rest of my makeup but other than that first flight of the year was a success.

unicorns 🌙 420 days ago

livejournal icons and mood themes are a lost art

unicorns ✈️ 420 days ago

another suitcase full of clothes being flown from my parents' house. all i can think about is how & where i'll have to move this stuff next.

unicorns 👀 421 days ago

people who link back to or otherwise source where they found third-party graphics are literally so cool and good. take note of them.

unicorns 🤔 449 days ago

every public space i was in today smelled like a skunk ingested the dankest of the devil's lettuce and exploded. i loathe the smell of weed.

unicorns 💀 456 days ago

there is not enough caffeine in the world for me rn

unicorns 🙂 456 days ago

as a lesbian who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s i do not fucking miss them one bit :)

unicorns 🙃 456 days ago

so done and ready to go home and see some peacocks permitting i'm still negative for the vid.

unicorns 💀 460 days ago

unfortunately i was also exposed to the vid yesterday and am now testing/quarantining :/ i don't want it again and i just got over rsv, ahhh

unicorns ✨ 460 days ago

saw my first wild new england turkey yesterday, on american thanksgiving nonetheless. it was SO CUTE.

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