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unicorns 💀 1 day ago

unfortunately i was also exposed to the vid yesterday and am now testing/quarantining :/ i don't want it again and i just got over rsv, ahhh

unicorns ✨ 1 day ago

saw my first wild new england turkey yesterday, on american thanksgiving nonetheless. it was SO CUTE.

unicorns 💀 9 days ago

This virus has me on vampiric schedule: sleep all day, awaken at dusk, work all night.

unicorns ✏️ 10 days ago

The burnout is real, but I will keep going.

unicorns 🌱 16 days ago

the scent of blooming wisteria and orange blossoms reminds me of home.

unicorns 😭 17 days ago

ughhh i want to feel better :(

unicorns 👀 18 days ago

oh but I did vote :) :) I hope CA's prop 1 passes or I'm going to very disgusted.

unicorns 💀 18 days ago

definitely sick but apparently covid negative. ughhh

unicorns 😭 20 days ago

I hope I'm not getting sick.

unicorns 🔥 22 days ago

it's so nice in boston rn but i can't get anywhere i want because the buses are fricked >:(

unicorns 🙂 23 days ago

there's apparently an 'evil', spaghettio eating jackdaw terrorizing yorkshire right now. good

unicorns 💀 26 days ago

'fix your hearts or die' and twitter really just said okay, i'll die then :(

unicorns 🙃 26 days ago

unintentionally gave myself horrific ibs super white girl style, aka made dinner **TOOOO SPICY** last night. very scary. happy halloween.

unicorns 🧐 28 days ago

got incredibly wired off of matcha kit kats of all things last night and was up until 7 AM. those things are powerful.

unicorns 👀 36 days ago

Learned about nimravids and megalania. Nature is rad.

unicorns ✨ 36 days ago

Just found out there's feral black swans at Lake San Marcos. How did I not know this? I need to see them when I go back.

unicorns 🙃 39 days ago

idk why I keep getting overcharged on accident today, at least one place corrected it after I called. also got on google street view (EWWW).

unicorns ❤️ 40 days ago

Very good news, the bluejay either found a new mate or reunited with its old one! They are stashing nuts together in the courtyard right now

unicorns 🌱 41 days ago

this may seem like an odd combo but matcha + lavender syrup + peppermint extract (or syrup) is like. the best.

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