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twig she/he/it 22 i lika da pokemaon


twig 🙂 2 days ago


twig 🙂 2 days ago

my family feeds my anxiety by displacing their anxiety n im so over it now

twig 🤩 7 days ago

big day today i get to meet a cool lion friend :D

twig 🤩 11 days ago

my thoughts are moving so fast and sexy and scary(hypomania hell)

twig 🙂 12 days ago

anytime i slightly feel like my car fear reduces, something brings back the fear x3000

twig 🐶 14 days ago

ultimate baby puppy mode rn!!

twig 🧀 15 days ago

getting psychiatric help is so fucking annoying

twig 😭 16 days ago

im da master of embarrassing myself while stressing everyone out

twig 🌙 17 days ago

sometimes i just *shrinks into babby*

twig 🔥 19 days ago

(on new meds) IM SHITSING??? (fart explosion)

twig 🙂 20 days ago

shuttle art markers are not that good sjhdfkjjds

twig 🎲 20 days ago

never admit ur energized to the world, it WILL suck it out of you

twig 🥱 22 days ago


twig ❄️ 23 days ago

babys back to antipsychotics!!! PRAYERS SO I DONT GET FRONTSTUCK

twig 🥱 23 days ago

dawg my insomnia is beating my ass

twig 💤 23 days ago


twig 🤩 26 days ago

i LOOOVE fronting!

twig ☀️ 27 days ago

i have two days off work yayayayya!

twig 😭 29 days ago

my first check is so painful LMFAOOOO but itll get better with time (it has to)

twig 🔥 32 days ago

having more pain and trouble walking lately

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