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tubedfruit 🎲 1 day ago

interview today wish me luck

tubedfruit 🤒 7 days ago

ovulation pain hurts so bad i cant even walk

tubedfruit 🔥 11 days ago

it's too damn hot outside

tubedfruit 🙃 15 days ago

dmv is making me want to kms

tubedfruit 🍸 54 days ago

karkalicious definition makes terezi loco

tubedfruit 🥹 57 days ago

think im finally getting a cold after like 4 years of not havin one

tubedfruit 🌱 69 days ago

my pet froggy is feeling better!

tubedfruit 😶 73 days ago

will it ever get better?

tubedfruit 💔 75 days ago

i think my frog is sick :(

tubedfruit 🤒 122 days ago

no art for awhile... hurt my hand real bad

tubedfruit 😭 125 days ago

welp, think my ipad finally kicked the bucket

tubedfruit 🥳 129 days ago

it's my birthday!!!

tubedfruit 💤 165 days ago

been super drowsy lately

tubedfruit 🤒 189 days ago

tummy hurts and dont want to go to class

tubedfruit 🎨 196 days ago

messing around with some polymer clay

tubedfruit ❄️ 208 days ago

taking a short break!

tubedfruit ❄️ 225 days ago

i lovee winter :D

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