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tubedfruit 🤒 33 days ago

no art for awhile... hurt my hand real bad

tubedfruit 😭 36 days ago

welp, think my ipad finally kicked the bucket

tubedfruit 💤 76 days ago

been super drowsy lately

tubedfruit 🤒 100 days ago

tummy hurts and dont want to go to class

tubedfruit 🎨 107 days ago

messing around with some polymer clay

tubedfruit ❄️ 119 days ago

taking a short break!

tubedfruit ❄️ 136 days ago

i lovee winter :D

tubedfruit 🥳 145 days ago

acquired all my pc parts. time to build hehe

tubedfruit 💾 162 days ago

almost finished with the new layout!

tubedfruit ✨ 179 days ago

just cleaned up my desktop

tubedfruit 💻 207 days ago

gonna play the sims 3 for the very first time!

tubedfruit 🤒 220 days ago

tummy hurts big tim e

tubedfruit 💔 296 days ago

slipped and fell in the shower RIP

tubedfruit 🏂 325 days ago

insane in the membrane

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